I Graduated! I'm a Master Now. Of Wordy Things.

I finished graduate school. I now have a Master of Fine Arts in creative writing. Poetry! And I spent a semester on fiction too. About a month ago I flew from Santa Barbara California to Portland Maine. Yes. January in Maine.

I gave my graduate student presentation, performed my public reading, and I spoke at my gradation. I didn't realize what a big deal it was till I was all done and lying in my bed that night after graduation and I had to take five minutes to feel a whole range of emotions. What a sacrifice my family had made and I had made for me to be able to do this thing that was way bigger than I really understood till I was doing it.

I am so grateful that my husband and daughter were able attend all my things and support me at my graduation. That was huge for me. I have graduated from three colleges and never had anyone there to support me, so this was really cool. They also go to experience a few days in Maine in the winter. They loved it, but when we ever go back there it most likely won't be winter.

I hope you enjoy the pictures. There isn't great lighting at graduation and my husband is no photographer. But I looked fabulous in my master's hood.
The hood is very Hogwartian

These were designed to hide a wand in here. 

I spoke at graduation!

Shaking hands with all the faculty left standing (A flu wiped most of them out. Very sad)

Outside Ben and Jerry's. Yep. and LL Bean.

snow at the beach!
Snow and rocks and beach. woah.
Winter storm warning.

We had to see the beach with snow on the way out. 

Santa Barbara Airport. Made it home. Sunflowers and pianos. 


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