I Started a YouTube Talk Show

Sat Nam. I started a YouTube talk show called Yogic Integrated Living With Nam Joti. I have only recorded two episodes--great interviews so far with Dr. Siri Atma Singh--and I look forward to doing more of all kinds as I have time and get organized.

I hope to include interviews with people who are not just practicing yoga but living it, and I also plan to include some videos on how to do some basic things that you might like to know if you are trying to integrate yoga into your life, like how to bake yummy cookies without eggs (if you want. No pressure), or how to make Golden Milk. Or how to get tumeric stains out of your white clothes.

I'm also interested in how we as individual yogis and yoga teachers can spread healing to the planet in a practical, applied way. So stay tuned. If you have ideas or suggestions for people to interview, let me know.

For now, here are links to my first two episodes! I hope you enjoy it and share it.

In this episode Nam Joti Interviews Dr. Siri Atma S. Khalsa about his personal training and experience with Yogi Bhajan, what it means to be a yogi and how to integrate the yogic teachings into everyday life in all stages as a spiritual being having a human experience.

In this interview Nam Joti talks to Dr. Siri Atma about selfless service, walking off cliffs, how to figure out what to do with one's life, and how to alleviate suffering and be happy.


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