Saturday, October 22, 2011

Parenting Affirmations

Since I recorded my first hypnosis MP3 for relaxation and spiritual attunement, I haven't don't anything else in the studio. But now I'm getting ready to record some parenting affirmations and I am wondering if anyone has ideas or thoughts or suggestions you think I should add.

Here are some examples of what I have written already:

  • I enjoy parenting.
  • I choose to parent with intention.
  • Every day I choose to connect with my children.
  • I feel confident in my ability to offer what what my children need.
  • I always trust my intuition and only go along with activities that feel right to me.
  • I can say no and still be respected and cherished.
  • I marvel at the aliveness of my children. 
  • I have a great desire and curiosity to drink deeply from this experience. 
  • I always choose to nurture my body, mind, and spirit, because I know that in doing so, my whole family benefits. 
  • I am loving and responsive in my relationships with my children and others. 
    If you have thoughts or ideas, please comment. Also, if you'd like a free copy of my hypnosis mp3, just join my mailing list.


    1. Something to the effect of:

      I have enough patience for all who depend on me.

      I am grateful for opportunities to teach my children.

    2. Thanks Rebekah. They have already come out. You can get them on Itunes or CDbaby. Click my link at right to get them. I ended up to coming up with WAY more than I ever thought I would. And they are amazing. I'm pretty sure yours are in there in some form.