Saturday, October 29, 2011

Project True Love Diaries - Part 1

A few months ago when we finished the first draft of the book, I decided it was time to shift some of my focus to a different project. I call it Project True Love. Project True Love (PTL) is exactly what it sounds like, and a bit more.

I'm not sure when it all started, but at some point, I realized it was time. Sure I thought it was time many times before, but about 8 or 9 months ago I realized it was really time. I had graduated from hypnotherapy school and started my practice. I felt happy, deeply grounded in self-love, radiating and attracting wisdom and light.

Spiritually I began to notice some things, too. Little nudges, perhaps. When we were working on the birth book, I kept trying to delegate the Strengthening Marriage essay, but the inspiration kept coming to me. Many of my friends were coming to me, too, for advice on marriage. What's that all about? I thought. Perhaps because they know I'm not likely to judge them.

Not only was I advising married couples, but single women too, on how to attract a complementary opposite and make it last. Of course, I have great tools to share--about communication, about behavior, changing behavior, intimacy, etc. There is so much good information out there if you look--in books, online, at seminars--but the problem is that most people can't take all that good information and put it into practice. It's too different than their life script, and they sabotage or fall back into old patterns almost immediately.

As I know well, this is the missing element in most forms of self help--they need that deep change on the subconscious level. I talked this with over with my best hypnotherapist pal Katie. And of course I tend to think really big and my first thought was: we need to put together a hypnotherapy/dating program called Project True Love that will revolutionize not just a few women's lives, but possibly the world as we know it. The fun part is that we would get to do it ourselves first--just to prove it works. Because I recognize that it's easy to know everything about relationships when you are not in one, when there is no one triggering you.

So that's how it began. It's time. I have love enough to share and I welcome the triggering. Now you know that there are both selfish, altruistic, spiritual, and educational motives behind Project True Love.

So what all does PTL entail? As of right now, PTL is a project in five phases. I am now in Phase One, which involves a lot of first dates. Thus far, it is a thrilling and educational phase. Oh the things I have learned! That's what you'll be reading about if you care to eavesdrop on my life. I won't tell you everything, though. Just the parts I feel comfortable sharing on a blog. Which might not be much, so your imaginations might have to fill in the rest.


  1. So very much looking forward to hearing what you're willing to share. I'm also hoping you may share your own personal quantum leaps in this area as well as others! :)

  2. I'm excited for this project to unfold!