Saturday, November 19, 2011


Yesterday I opened my scriptures to see what I could learn about healing. My profession falls under the healing arts, and I am always trying to learn more and be more in this area. So I decided to look in the guide to the scriptures for "healer." I opened instead to "hearer." In that moment of dyslexia, I realized what God wanted to teach me--that hearer is only one letter away from healer. This is a lesson I needed to relearn. I have so many wonderful tools in my toolbox as a hypnotherapist that I sometimes forget that it's not about doing tricks or handing out tools. True healing begins when people feel deeply heard.

I love the way God teaches me. In this realization I felt a measure of healing, because I knew my prayers on how to be a better healer were heard. He guided me, much like I guide my clients to realize the tools were already within. Sigh. I love that.


  1. Thank you for that insight. So true.

  2. Love it. I think I need to remember that one especially as I interact with my children. They so much need to be truly heard.

  3. This is so true. Being truly heard is so healing. I have been searching healing scriptures lately too. :)