Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Heart Centered World

 ***(If you haven't read my last post which explains The Aquarian Age in terms LDS understand, I recommend you do.)

I was thinking more about this new age we have entered, and I forgot to mention that it is feminine, heart centered age. The Piscean age was all about the masculine energy. Guns. War. Intellect. The brain. Knowledge. Whose brain is bigger? How can I use what I know to get ahead or take advantage of xyz?

The current era is about having an experience of God with us. What I love about the heart is that in the chakral system, the heart is where the two triangles overlap. If you look at the body there is a lower triangle and an upper triangle. The lower triangle contains the Chakras that have to do with earthly things, like survival, money, sex, will power, ego. The upper triangle contains the things that deal with more heavently spheres, communication, intuition and connection with God. The heart is where they meet. It is the balance between both worlds. Just like Christ, with his Godly father and earthly mother, is the overlap between Heaven and Earth.

So when people talk about a heart centered world they are talking about Christ Consciousness--even if they don't realize that's what they are talking about.I love this excerpt from the Heavenly Mother essay in our book. 
"As son of heavenly parents, though born to an earthly mother, Jesus Christ personifies all the attributes of both God the Father and God the Mother. Ida Smith gave a talk at a 1980 Brigham Young University Women's Conference later reprinted in the Ensign, entitled "The Lord as a Role Model for Men and Women." She pointed out that the SAvior possessed attributed that both sexes should strive to emulate:
"Some women complain that they have no strong role models in the scriptures. That is not true. We have many models there. And our main one is the Savior, himself. Nowhere is it written that he is a model for men only; and nowhere is it written that men and women should each be allowed only half of his traits!... Nowhere, for example does it say that tenderness, kindness, charity, faithfulness, patience, gentleness, and compassion are strictly female traits and should be utilized by women only. And nowhere does he say that courage, strength, determination, and leadership should be the exclusive prerogative of men."
So, what are the implications of being in a feminine heart-centered world now? Well, first I will tell you what it does not mean--(and I'm sad that I even have to say this) it's not about women staging protests and trying to reclaim power or be like men. That's very Piscean. In fact, women and men, who continue to try to live in a Piscean (last age) way will find that things don't go very well for them. Things that used to work, don't any more. This has been the fate of many businesses and industries as we have transitioned through the cusp into the age of experience (for example, the music industry, and the publishing industry). And just to be clear, the Aquarian Age  it's not about turning men into women, either.

To me, living in this feminine, heart-centered world is about relating to our human experience differently, and how we relate to the "energy" that is now available to us. When humans get involved, we have human problems. If you live in Christ consciousness, you will recognize that you are divine, that you don't need to be redeemed. Your spirit is perfect and whole. It is your human identified self --body and mind--that need to be redeemed and brought into harmony with that already perfect and royal part of you. And the technology that we are using in the Aquarian age to acheive this is Love. Love is the highest frequency in the universe and the way by which the Atonement was accomplished. God is love. Therefore, love is stronger than evil. Love is Infinite and Endless. When we are one with love, we are one with God.

With regard to the energy that is now available to us: this scripture from Acts 2 best explains what I'm talking about: 

And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:
And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall aprophesy:

Do women have a special place in this time. Of course. Women are amazing. They already were, and we're only becoming more so. But I think it's more about one women becoming more involved in this age and that is our Mother in Heaven. Have you noticed that in 2011 and 2012 there were more articles published about here than ever before, including a huge one in BYU Studies which cited more than 600 mentions of her by General Authorities over the years. (Download it here for $2) There has never been an official silence about her--that has just been a cultural or folklorical belief that we weren't supposed to mention her too much. The truth is, the apostles and prophets have been talking about her without apology for years. Why was it so taboo for years? Probably because we are products of our world, which was stuck in the Piscean Age.

Not only is Heavenly Mother more talked about now, but we have more access to her energy and love. Do you feel it? I no longer feel like I'm just talking to a cool white haired man up there, but also to the radiant woman next to him. It feels balanced. Beautiful.

I hope you all feel that way I do that we should all be shouting for joy about this change of the age.It's a golden age of humanity. Of course, like I mentioned yesterday, we still live in an age of opposition and so the opposite forces on the planet may just as nasty, but there is more love and light and power accessible to those who seek than ever before. And those of us who know this, need to help and elevate everyone else.


  1. A wonderful time to be alive. So glad I'm still here.

  2. So inspiring! I am reading your ebook and was referenced to this lovely post. Thanks for sharing your light and truth.