Friday, September 6, 2013

Metaphysical Pest Control - HELP!

UPDATE: Since about two hours after I wrote this post and put it on FB, this place has been an ant ghost-town. Even the flies are dropping. Also, yesterday the temperature finally dropped into the bearable range. I knew it work. Thanks friends!

I am writing this out of sheer desperation. Also hope and faith. 

Though my new home is awesome, there is one problem. It isn't exactly winterized. It is full of holes and cracks that I can see right through. (It's a pool house in California, what can you expect.) Since it has been really hot lately (the whole time we have been here), we have been having an ant problem. 

I have tried everything from essential oil sprays to toxic chemicals--I draw the line at Chinese chalk.

A few days after we moved in, I was getting tired of it. We keep the house spotless, but still they come. And not just to the kitchen. To the bathroom and other random places where there is nothing I could imagine them wanting. 

So I called Phoebe in and told her the story of how I used to be afraid of dogs. As a kid there was one big scary dog that came over the fence every time I went into our back yard to play. The dog probably just wanted to play, but it was a big German Shephard and I was a tiny little girl and I just knew it was goign to eat me. I told her how my parents suggested I pray about the dog. So I did. And the dog never came back. It was my first miracle. 

I told Phoebe this story as a way of telling myself that prayer could work for ants, too. If it was important to us, why wouldn't it be important to God. So Phoebe prayed that the ants would leave us alone and they magically disappeared for a few days. 

But then they came back. Mer...

I am a firm believer in the praise principle, so I have been trying to find a way to praise God for the heat and for the ants. But I was seriously grouchy about them this morning when I was trying to meditate. But the meditation did work in that I got an attitude adjustment. Praise God for the ants because they are showing me where the cracks and weaknesses are in my house, so that I can seal them up before the winter when it gets really cold. 

This morning I spent more than hour following them and putting silicone sealant on every crack and hole I could find. I ran out of sealant. I am about to go to the hardware story to buy the hugest tube they have along with some foam tape to seal some of the cracks in the doors and windows. 

Now that I have sealed of half/maybe more of their entry/exit points, more suddenly appeared and they are all running around like crazy in no particular pattern. Which makes them harder to kill. Sigh. 

I'm really frustrated. Praise the Lord for my frustration because it made me sit down and write this. I would like to perform an experiment. Actually, it's not an experiment if you know it will work.

I'd like to ask for the unified faith and prayers of everyone out there who cares enough or who has ever had an ant problem. If enough faith can move a mountain then it can certainly create a metaphysical bubble of peace around my home that can't be crossed by ants/spiders/rolly pollies/flying ants/and other bugs that might try to think about getting that I dare not name because my friend Christina will have a phobic reaction just reading it. And even though it may seem silly, I know God cares about our small problems and about how we spend our time. I have prayed about some very small things, that were a very big deal to me, and God totally came through. For this one, though, it seems that I need to call in some unified reinforcements. 

If you will pray for us/our house, please leave a comment. And if you are have a similar problem and want our faith and prayers, just let us know. We'll put you on our pest control prayer roll. 

Praise God that this is my biggest problem right now.

PLEASE DON'T TELL  ME ANY MORE HOME REMEDIES OR SOLUTIONS. I am going the miracle route now. Miracles are so much cleaner. :)


  1. haha Love it. Ants are little buggers, for sure!

  2. Praying..and I created an energetic shield around your home to keep out all bugs and insects. May need to re-create or re-energize the shield in a couple of months. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Okay so I just started to search the internet for ants and energy-- guessing that there may be an energy that attracts them....and I am finding all kinds of fun and funny stuff. Supposedly cats sleep in spots that have negative energy and supposedly certain fire ants and other vermin at exact crossings of negative energy lines.

    Some people say they are attracted to eletromagnetism.

    There was one story about a little girl who went around and said In the Name of Jesus Christ I want you out!

    Ha ha! this is funny. Maybe an attitude adjustment for the house is what is needed.

    if anyone has read Orson Scott Card's Lost Boys, you will remember the insect invasions and what they corresponded to.... don't want to spoil it though.

  4. I am learning all kinds of things about ants. Aparrently they make a kind of sound that makes the object they carry lighter! Maybe it's a mantra!

  5. Ha ha this is hillarious!

  6. Have you dedicated your home? Just a thought.