Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My Weekend in the Wilderness= Awesome. +Weekend Coming Up

Main Yoga Tent. Awesome meditation for the arcline.

Last weekend I went to Sat Nam Fest, and Kundalini Yoga retreat/music festival in Joshua Tree. Joshua Tree in case you don't know is this amazing science fictional place with tress that look like Dr. Seuss drawings. It is in the desert and it's super hot and cold intense climate, but it is also some kind of spiritual energy vortex that attracts a lot of spiritual retreats and stuff. So unlike Lani, I was in the desert but I was drinking LOTS of water. It was so, hmm..... insert unknown adjective here there means: blissful amazing awesome cool fun relaxing intense delicious healing lovely, all the same time.

I did lots of yoga, meditation, listened to concerts from some of my favorite mantra singers. Some other Ojai friends came and friends from LA and I met new friends. During one of the kriyas I started laughing uncontrollably. It was so amazing. I'm not sure what got unlocked, but it was good. I felt my heart open. Then later I cried as I chanted "I forgive you," with Simrit Kaur and Belinda Carlisle.

My little mini-me came with and went to the kids camp. She had so much fun she is already counting the days till next year. I was so happy to see so many kids at the festival and babies with their parents. Saturday evening all the kids at kids camp performed on stage with Snatam Kaur. It was amazing. Phoebe didn't have any stage fright at all and there had to be about 500+ people in the audience. She is since then totally changed. I'm not sure what happened, but the whole time I was doing yoga I kept feeling like she was right there with me. My friends who brought their children also felt the same way.

These kinds of gatherings are so wonderful and necessary. It is so good for us to get together as people and be who we are and support each other in that. I am so looking forward to the retreat coming up in Idaho ib May 30. Sat Nam Fest gave me some great ideas. Phoebe also has ideas and is going to help me implement some of them at the kids camp. So if you live in ID or near come! It's going to to amazing and life changing and family friendly.

Phoebe holding her "Peace Sign" with her buddies at Kids camp

Preforming on stage with Snatam Kaur and Ajeet. 

Best food truck ever. 


Walking the walk
We drove home (3.5 hours) on Easter and made it in time for dinner with friends. The entire drive home we played mantras and marveled at how Jesus did it. We took bets on how many angels were chanting hallelujah when he broke the bands of death.

Getting Super Excited for AZ

I am getting everything ready for the AZ Whole-istic Living Conference this weekend, where I am speaking/presenting and have a booth. I am looking forward to it so much. I just know it is going to be life transforming for so many people and I love being in that kind of energy. If you are planning on coming, I have the 9 am slot in the Sanctuary so get there when the doors open and come! Also visit my booth! I will be having several give-aways including a sheepskin meditation rug. Lani is super jealous and wants to enter but she can't because she is going to be helping me at my booth.

I am also playing the Gong in the sanctuary at the end of the lunch hour, so it should be a great time to get a real live gong nap in. If you have never experienced it, it's amazing. Did I mention I finally got my gong? Um yes. It rocks my world. I now no longer travel as light. And in other ways, I travel so much lighter. Can't wait to see you there. Get tickets here.

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