Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Traveling Without Purse or Script

A few weeks ago I got the rug pulled out from under me with regard to my housing situation. After contemplation and looking around at options, I keep getting the feeling that my next house here in Ojai isn't ready yet and that God wants me to go on a sort of summer-long mission, or tour. I think I will still be in and out of Ojai as my home base, but the rest of the itinerary seems to be on a need-to-know basis.

I know the first place I will go is Idaho. I'm doing a retreat there at the end of May. But I had this crazy inspiration that I should stay there for 3 weeks and do some things. For one thing, God wants a Kundalini Yoga studio to be opened in Idaho Falls. I'm not sure how it's going to happen, but its amazing who you meet on the path of destiny and somehow that rocket ship will take off when I am there.

After that I'll be back here to get Phoebe baptized in the ocean and train a group of amazing people in how to facilitate guided imagery.

After that, I am not sure where I'll be. I know that the British Isles have been calling my name for a while, but there are also about 20 destinations in the US where I would be welcome and wanted. I'm just not sure what God has in mind.

Part of me thinks that I should just rent or borrow a Winebego (let me know if you have one) and drive around the country with my daughter and another friend and her daughter and be the mobile Kundalini wagon. This is only sort of a joke. How rad would that be?

Can you name the movie this is from?

Yet while all of this sounds fun and sort of magical if you love travel, if you love staying at home, then it's a hard thing to do. I love home. I like travel, but not as much as home, so I assume I will get lots of growth out of this as well as a vacation.

This is the kind of RV I'd like. The flying kind. 

I should also mention the inspiration I got to sell my car, Reepicheep. And sell him today. As soon as possible. I have no idea how God plans to provide another car for me. I don't believe in making car payments. So we will see.

It feels very much like I am going to be traveling like the apostles and missionaries of old. But I have done harder things and I look forward to seeing the places I will go. By the way they traveled without "purse or scrip," which meant without money or a wallet. I originally wrote script as a typo, but I now realize that that also works for the way I'm traveling, without all the details written out yet.

So if you have a strong feeling that I am supposed to come visit you or that you are supposed to lend me an RV or fly me to somewhere, then please let me know. I'll ponder it and see what happens. Retreats are a super good deal right now if we can make it work with my itinerary.


  1. Rob has 2 cars he may be selling That he's fixed/will fix (he's a mechanic). At least one for sure ;-) I wish I was so much further on my kundalini yoga journey because I've day dreamed of teaching when I was in my groove. I wanted so badly to take the training for teaching, but did not have the funds or feel worthy to ask for help because I'd let you down once :-) I'd love if you came to visit us. We're right in IF.

  2. Looks like Escape to Witch Mountain! How awesome would it be to fly an RV? Wish I had one to lend you. :)

  3. We are traveling without "purse or scrip" and it is both super awesome and incredibly faith-building and stretching. Currently in New Zealand, heading to Australia soon if you want to go a little farther :)

  4. I keep [secretly] hoping that you'll be inspired and come visit me, but on the Kundalini boat...I would look like a very wimpy mess of semi half attempts and wishful thinking. But, if you feel so inspired, you're still welcome to come see me! (South Florida)

    1. Oh yes. I'd love to come by the SS Kundalini. Or maybe the Nautalis.

  5. This is so interesting that you wrote this. We're in a transitional phase right now. We've had some severe financial difficulties and have been living with my in-laws for the past six years. Over the years we keep talking about where we are going to live when we move out, but nothing has really seemed right and we've been very drawn traveling. We know eventually that we want to have a house in the Carmel/Big Sur area, but that's not going to happen immediately and the space between there and here has seemed like a big void. It's been so frustrating to me to not know or have everything planned out about how we are going to move out, when and where. But maybe we have mission to travel without script too. We're actually looking for a car, but we don't have the money to buy one yet and couldn't get out to California anyway. I'm sure Reepicheep will bless someone else's life greatly.