Monday, May 26, 2014

The Lioness at Lion's Gate-- And A Calendar!

The last two weeks have been so busy. I spent a week in Pacific Palisades in Temescal Canyon doing a Level 2 Kundalini Yoga teacher training module. It was 6 days in a row of intense transformation and sweating (there was a crazy heat wave). So many miracles happened that week and I felt so many old patterns fall away.

One of the miracles was Helen. I met her the first day. She and I knew each other in heaven. She is from Estonia. Did you know that there are Level 1 teacher trainings in Estonia? There are. The technology is everywhere now.

Immediately after 6 days of Authenic Reltionships training I drove down to Laguna Beach for a family reunion. My family doesn't get together much so it was the first time in more than a year since I saw all my siblings. Usually they all trigger me but I guess the kundalini stuff is working because I felt fine and was able to accept them in all thier grumpy glory. 

When I came back to Ojai I had a few days to pack. We did eventually find a new house and so we were never homeless and it looks like we never will be. But the freak out got me to make summer plans so that was good.

We are moving to a little yellow house and it's a wonderland for Phoebe. There is a space ship in the back yard. and the front and side yards are also full of fun wonders and secret passage-ways. Here is a picture of it.

Yes it says Lion's Gate on it. Not sure why. It just does.

Even before I saw it I knew it was the right place, and then after I paid the deposit I started having doubts and going through the emotional stuff that comes up for me around moving. But then a friend pointed out that my name means lioness (Nam Joti Kaur means "the princess/lioness who walks in the light of God's divine name") and that a yellow house is a happy house full of light and it says Lion's Gate on it, and what more signs could I want than this? So we moved all weekend and now I am almost seeing the floor and the bed. It's starting to feel like the happy house it promised to be. 

And in 2 days I go to Idaho for 2 weeks. I am really excited about that. I'll be doing lots of different things while I am there in addition to leading the retreat in Kelly Canyon. In fact, I'll be going over to Boise for a few days. I had to keep things organized so I made a calendar. If you are in Idaho and want to connect while I am there, you can look at my google calendar here.  OR view it on my website. There it might be more easy to see at a glace. If you want more info on any of the classes or the retreat, please go to event pages (linked on the website) and leave a note. Thanks! I'm so excited!. 

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