Saturday, May 10, 2014

The You Are Beautiful Campaign

I had this idea that I'd love to invite you to join me. I am a beautiful woman and I know it. I also know how rare that is. Thankfully, my daughter also knows she is beautiful and I hope she always remembers this. So many women don't remember it or don't believe it and I am tired of the self deprecation I hear from daughters of God everywhere. So I am starting a campaign to send the truth deep into the subconscious minds of women everywhere. I realized tomorrow is Mother's day, and that is a great day to start it. Instead of saying Happy Mother's Day (because this has absolutely no meaning) why not say "You are beautiful" in a really heart-centered way to every woman and girl you come in contact with, including yourself in the mirror if you are a woman reading this.

To speak this from the heart center will require you to really see the other person and their beauty before you speak it. Their own heart center will register the authenticity, and even if they know what you are up to, it will still change them one suggesting at a time. Everyone likes to be seen, really seen, and this personal one on one contact can change the world. I invite you to begin immediately and spread the word. Lets just start with one week. Try to remember to do this for a week everywhere you go. And if you need a reminder, you can print this out and put somewhere or grab it and put it on your blog.

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