Friday, December 8, 2017


Monday night of this week I evacuated my home because the entire ridge behind my house was on fire. I have lived in Southern California most of my life. I have lived through and witnessed all kinds of natural and un-natural disasters:  earthquakes, floods, fires, mudslides, as well as drought, inflation, recession, riots, and whatever else you can name. So I don't get too worked up about stuff. I know that it will pass. I also know that while it can seem Biblical and apocalyptic on the news, it's not always that bad on the ground.

This case, however, was the first time I actually had to leave my house and didn't know if it would be there when I came back. I felt deep down it would be okay, but the feeling wasn't related to whether my house was there or not. It's nice to look around the house and know that you aren't attached to much. I grabbed was my computer, phone, a change of clothes, 3 pairs of good shoes and my daughter and my dog and some dog food and toiletries for one night. I didn't think it would last more than one night. 

Four nights later we are still not in our home. There were several nights when the fire was burning 100 yards from our house and I was mentally prepared to go back to ashes. But as of today the news is that my house is still there, and will likely be safe if the winds stay low. However, many friends lots their homes, and at the time of this writing my town is still surrounded by fire on every side.  There is so much collective grief and uncertainty. It has been interesting to see how everyone is handling it. My people are all scattered to the winds.   

In the moment of decision to leave, it was my kundalini family that reached out first and took us in. I am so grateful for them and for everyone who reached out. 

There have been so many hearts turned our direction and so many prayers and meditations and miracles and I know it's because of this. 

All I can say right now is that I know that God only wants to bless us. This is my firm belief. He said to me the morning after when I was walking my dog around the Motel 6 in Carpenteria, "I will never kick you while you're down."  

So although we don't know how yet, this is a huge shift and change for many people that will ultimately be the blessing they have been wishing for. I will say I felt it coming. Not this exactly, but something that would call everyone back to themselves. Selfishness and suffering has been on my mind lately, and this disaster has brought many people out of their own selfishness to open their hearts and help each other and pray for each other. People I didn't know prayed have been telling me they are praying for us. 

When I moved into my house a year go, I intended it as a place of refuge for people who needed healing. I call it Wahe Guru House. I have used it for a few small retreats, but recently I was wondering when it would fulfill its true destiny. It looks like it will soon. So many many people are without homes. The numbers are much higher than the news has shared. My inside sources told me two days ago the numbers were more than 400 homes. We don't know the final count yet. But I will be taking people in if I can and helping out as much as possible. If you would like to help I'm sure we won't turn down any offers. I don't know the actual needs yet but I assume money, food, blankets, clothes, feminine products will always be needed. 

For now I am with friends in Los Angeles breathing sort of clean air and getting to spend time with friends who I don't always see. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the the people who are working night and day trying to contain the fires and save the lives of people and animals. So far no life lost. Another miracle. Keep praying for them and for rain. The air quality is super smokey in all of the middle coast. It's like the inside of a casino in the 80s.  Rain would be so healing.

Love and blessings. May all your prayers come back to you 100 fold.  

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