Friday, December 29, 2017

Update Post Apocalypse

This is a quick update. We got back to our home after the evacuation, but the air quality was so bad after a few days that we had to leave again.  I mean gray Zombieland air. It was like sitting in front of a campfire and it is blowing in your face and you can't go anywhere to get away from it. Did you know that bad air quality is directly linked with an increase in psychiatric ER visits? I totally know why. I was never so happy to go to LA and breath good old LA smog. 

So we left and came back a few times and had to leave again. I'm so grateful for the generosity of the friends who took us in multiple times.

The fire of transformation is so deep and swift. I feel like I went deep into the fire and burned and burned and burned everything I no longer needed, especially in my parenting relationship w my daughter, but other areas of my life, too.  Fire is so amazing. It reduces things to it's basic elements. We use it in ceremony. Fire drives us out, but it drives us in too. To each other.

When we finally came back for good it was a week before Christmas and there was a benefit concert my friends from Aykanna were playing in town and it was full of chanting and good vibes. I was a little surprised to see so many people all back and being their beautiful selves. It was so healing and I was super blissed out when I left. Fire is inevitable. Pain is inevitable. But bliss is inevitable too.

As a community now we are helping all of our neighbors to rebuild, to recover, repair, breathe deeply again. It will be interesting to see all the blessings that come from this. There may be greed and some craziness too, but for the most part, this is a community that helps each other.

Brittney finally got clean! The ash and dirt is under control for now so we got her a bath and hair cut.

I feel so much more depth of offering now. It's funny how that works. I have been blogging for years and if you have been following you can see my progression. And sometimes in the past I have been tempted to feel like I am done.. like I have reached the highest level of enlightenment I can reach. Ha!  Of course, there is no final level. The spectrum of progression is so vast and I just feel deeply in acceptance of this ongoing practice. Of faith. Of consciousness. Of parenting. Of healing.  And I am also in acceptance that sometimes even yogi goddesses need a place to go and heal. And I'm so glad for the people who opened their doors, and who prayed, and who smiled, and who sent things. 

And I want to open my home to any other yogi goddesses out there who ever need a place to go and heal for a few days. Wahe Guru House was always intended for just that. I am no longer using the house for retreats. I'll have those up the street at Spirit House. My house is now just for friends and friends of friends who need a refuge. And the cost is just willingness to heal.

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