Monday, November 26, 2018

Do You Want Your Children Turn Out Okay?

My girl is the blonde one with the perfect "o" shaped mouth. Singing mantras on stage with Mirabai.

Two general conferences ago I was listening and I heard this. "If you want your children to turn out ok, teach them their divine identity."  And I swear it was the prophet or Pres Eyring who said it. I've gone back to look and I have found similar language but not the exact quote.  Maybe it was personal revelation for me because it sure seemed like it was in golden billboard sized letters coming off the screen.

Lately I have been thinking about "the young people." I was given a blessing when I was 14 (Patriarchal Blessing if you know what that is) that said that I would be a teacher among the young people, and among others. So I have been thinking about how to reach "young people" and help them learn their divine identity.

The best way in the world that I know is to teach them to meditate. Communing with their soul and their creator every day even for just 3 minutes will give them such a huge advantage over all that they face.

So I'm starting a 42 day challenge. It's for you though! Because you are the best ones to influence your children and the young people around you. When you practice, they see you. When you play mantras in your home, they get into their subconscious mind. When you change your lifestyle to be more conscious, it changes theirs.

Here is how it works.  Everyone can enter, and there are PRIZES, because that's fun!

If you are just beginning your practice, I have resources to help you--I highly recommend my Christ-Centered Kundalini Yoga and Meditation 101 course. It's on super amazing sale right now and it will give you a basic foundation of how and what to do (and also the why).

Every purchase of the 101 course gets 20 entries into the final drawing. You can also get more entries by posting pictures of you meditating and if you get a pic of your kids or other littles joining you, that's even better. Please post them on FB and on IG with the hastag #treeoflifemeditationchallenge  #treeoflifekundaliniyoga or tag me @namjotikaur on IG.

You can also get entries by blogging, referring friends (if they get the 101 course you both get 20 entries).

The grand prize is $500 cash. Other prizes include a copy of my book, a beautiful prayer mala, itunes gift card, and an advanced KY class of your choice form my store. There will be 5 winners, unless I decide to give away more.

I'll draw the winners Valentines Day! So if you start any time in December you can pass 42 days by V-Day. Oh and I picked 42 days instead of 40 to remind you that 40 days is not a goal, it's a milestone. Keep going after that!

You'll be amazed how much your family will benefit. Comment if you are in!

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