Monday, July 2, 2012

Project True Love Update

I haven't posted any Project True Love (PTL) updates lately, but it's not because nothing has been happening. I have just been keeping it to myself. My own little secret. When I started PTL last year (read parts 1, 2, 3, 4 here), I decided it was a 5-phase project. The first phase was lots of dates, which I have done before, but this time I opened myself to totally random set-ups and went at it solely with the purpose of learning and enjoying the company, not necessarily finding true love. But I did hope it would open the door (in some random way) to Phase 2.

About these Phases--only I know the definition of each Phase, because, well, this is my project and it helps me to save face if I am the only one who can judge where I am at. But even I got surprised. The facts are that Phase 1 did, in a round about way, lead me towards phase 2. But before I got to Phase 2, I discovered that there was another phase--we'll call it 1.5. I suspect most people don't have this phase, but for me, God felt it was right to throw this in there. I was getting schooled and it was my first lesson in letting go of how I think things should go down.

Then we skipped Phase 2 all together, and went straight to Phase 3. By this time, I had accepted that forces beyond my control were in charge. So by then, I was okay skipping Phase 2. Phase 3 was magical. It lasted all of 10 days. Now I am in Phase 4.

All this is to say that I am engaged. Betrothed.

The whole thing is a miracle that was set into motion many years ago. As my love says, "they could never make a proper film that could capture this miracle that is our love." It's true. No one could. 

If you have read my Gift of Giving Life Blog, you will be happy to know that my betrothed is named Rocky.

We are both writer nerds who love religious symbolism and birth metaphors and all things related to temples and veils. We are both a little punk rock, and butt-crazy in love with each other.

I don't remember saying yes. I think it was more like. "Uh-huh. I will."  Then getting mascara all over his shirt.

Right after that rainbows and stars started shooting out of our heads and we floated around bouncing off these for a while. Then we noticed that right near us was David O. McKay's grave. Did I mention he proposed in a cemetery? (We are both a little obsessed with cemeteries. We like them.) So we went and said hi to Pres. McKay.

R thought it was pretty cool that he was there to witness our happy event. In Rocky-speak, President McKay was a bad-ass. (BTW, Bad-Ass is kinda not a bad word around here. It is used with utmost reverence. You are lucky if you get called a B.A.) David O. McKay was a bad ass because he basically ushered in the modern era of the church. I also love him because he was such a huge proponent of meditation. All the modern day prophets counseled us to meditate, but David O. McKay spoke of the need for it most often. And when I read his words on it, which are numerous, I came to adore him. I think he was way ahead of his time in many ways. R says he also tried to give black people the priesthood. It didn't fly till later, but he tried.

So that's a little bit of the story. Here is a picture of us right after he asked me. I don't believe in Photo-shopping my blog pics, so yes that is mascara under my eye (the hazards of happy tears). And yes we are that beautiful. :)

Thanks for everyone who has loved us into this Miracle with a capital M. You know who you are.


  1. YEAY!!! Congratulations! :) I'm so very happy for both of you!!!

    Have you set the date? Which temple? Is your lil' girl over the moon happy?


  2. It was such a wonderful thing to watch your miracle unfold over the past few months. :) So happy for you!

  3. Congratulations, Felice!! I'm so happy for you!!!

  4. Thank you, everyone. Yes we are getting sealed in the LA temple. The date is kind of a secret right now for security reasons, but I'll tell you it's going to be this year.

    My daughter is thrilled. I think she prayed him into existence. She didn't meet him until recently and I hadn't told her much if anything about him, but the second day she met him she said, "I think you should come to LA and marry my mom."

    He said, "Okay."

  5. I agree with Sheridan, I have loved witnessing a part of your love story. I'm thrilled for both of you. And the little prophetess Phoebe speaks truth, why deny it? And of course, Rocky would see that.