Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Being and Raising a New Age Child

The dawn of the Golden Age of humanity has been prophesied for centuries. Biblical prophesies indicate it would be preceded by wars and rumors of wars and natural disasters. Some yogic and Mayan scriptures gave dates to watch for (such as 11-11-11 or 12-12-12). For some it was the sun’s alignment with galactic center that signaled the shift (12-21-12). But in truth it is not any of this that indicates that we are truly entering a new age. The coming of the Golden Age is verified by the birth of some very special children. I will call them New Age Children. 

The earliest of these began coming more than 70 years ago, but they were few. They began to come in greater numbers in the 1970’s. Now these highly elevated souls are pouring in. These special spirits have been saved for these last days to help us usher in the 1000 years of peace. Since ancient times, the world has been waiting for these children to arrive.

(If you speak New Age they are sometimes called Indigo children, Crystal Children, Rainbow Children, Bronze Children, and Gold Children. Each one has unique characteristics, but I won’t go into what the labels mean too much. The important thing is that they are all here to usher in the millennium.)

Unfortunately, these special children are often misunderstood, labeled incorrectly, or treated in damaging ways. In truth, these souls are conduits of spiritual power, yet most have forgotten how to focus and direct it. They are often encouraged or required by their education and training to shut it down.

I don’t like labels much, but sometimes they are helpful in a general way. One group of these children, called the Rainbow Children are very loving and adaptable. If they don’t like the energy in a room, they can just change it. They have and intuitive sense of right and wrong and have the ability to shift energy. These are very happy, light beings, and you feel good when you are with them. If they are given the opportunity to nurture this identity, it will be great for everyone. But even they can be shut down or have it educated out of them.

Other kinds of new age kids are very scientific children who will never stop asking why or figuring out how things work. There are also a class of children who are natural born healers. They are obsessed with healing from a young age and often say they want to be doctors or some other kind of healers and don’t change their minds. They have a healing touch.

There are many other kinds of new age children, all with different gifts. Most are extremely intelligent. All are sensitive to energy, and because the energy they live in/breath/eat is usually not healthy, many become labeled with things like this:

Sensory processing disorder
Attention Deficit
Adjustment disorder,
Other learning disorders,

In truth, these children are highly empathetic. Their crown chakras are wide open. They are just downloading more than they know what to do with. Though they have tons of intuitive power, but they are also young and inexperienced. They often have no idea what intuitive even means and their parents don’t either.  Many parents, in desperation for a “normal” life wish these gifts would just go away.

Some of these things might describe you or your children. If so, I invite you to look to the ancients for the answers you seek. If these children have been awaited for millennia, perhaps the ancient teachings are where to seek treatment and answers to life path questions. The ancient science of Kundalini Yoga Mediation is not just for adults who want to elevate their spiritual path, it is for children, adolescents, and adults who have been labeled with any of the above. The technology of Kundalini Yoga Meditation can take the special child that struggles and move them to a magical place of joy, in flow with their spirit.

Since most children aren’t going to find a meditation path on their own, it begins with the parents. If parents have already established a daily practice that is changing them, children will notice and benefit quickly and often imitate or choose their own practice. See.

It is for these magical children that I am offering a 6 week kundalini yoga meditation class called Parenting the Magical Child. It could be your own inner child, your literal offspring, or other children in your life.

In this class I will teach mind-blowingly awesome technology such as:

  • Meditaiton to rid haunting thoughts
  • Meditaion for learning disabilities
  • Victory Breath
  • Brain exercises for normalizing the frontal lobes and enhancing focus, clarity and ability to communicate.
  • Mediation for Self-Worth and Achievement for the very young
  • Time-Out Meditation
  • Jupiter Chakra Meditation
  • Meditation for Abused and Battered Children.
  • Meditation for Eliminating Long Lasting Childhood Anger
  • Meditation to Prevent Nightmares
  • Meditation for Dyslexia
  • And more..

I will also be teaching a loving, friendly technique I have been perfecting for teaching children how to meditate, specifically the highly sensitive ones on the autistic spectrum.

This class will begin in July, and you can click over to the meditation page for more details if you want to learn more or sign up. It will be a live class, but I will also record it for future use if you are happening upon this post in the future. I recommend taking it live if you can. It is open to people anywhere of any religious background. As a prerequisite, I recommend having taken my introductory webinar or being familiar with Kundalini Yoga. If you haven't or aren't, you can prepare by reading my free e-book and starting a small daily meditation practice. I recommend starting with Kirtan Kriya. Many blessings.

This Class will fill fast. So if it speaks to you, sign up soon. I only have 24 spaces. Register Now.  


  1. I'm so excited for this class! I've been praying and searching to know better how to parent my "magical" children. This is an answer to prayer.

  2. This class sounds like what I have been looking for to better nurture my spirited 3 year old! Are you going to offer this class again at a future date? I am wanting to take your Introductory to Kundalini Yoga Meditation Webinar first before I take this one, plus don't have the $$ to take them both at the same time. I am very interested in this class though and would love to take it next time you offer it!

    1. I won't offer it again, but I'll probably make the videos for sale.

    2. Are the videos available for purchase at this point? Thanks!

  3. I am incredibly excited for this class, Felice. Thank you so much for all your efforts. They are ever so appreciated! Much love. :)

  4. Are you going to offer this class again at a future date?

  5. Will this be online? I live in Idaho and if it was offered via skype I would LOVE it...if not, I will need to wait for the DVD's.

    1. Yes it will be online. Not via Skype but via GoTo Meeting. :)

  6. Hi I registered for the course but have not heard anything about how to access it - thanks

    1. Alison, Oh my. Didn't you get a welcome email asking you to confirm your registration? If you didn't click it, then you might not be getting the emails. I will double check and be in touch asap.