Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's Raise the Vibration of the East Coast

I still can't believe that this entire massive country I live in is governed from one tiny city in the east that is so unlike other cites. I have been to DC once or twice and I found the city itself lacking something. I couldn't figure it out but I finally labeled it as lacking bohemians. It seemed bereft of artists and spirituality. Today I talked to my friend who is planning the East Coast Women's Retreat (about 45 minutes from DC) and she expressed that there is something heavy in the air since the government shut down. It is effecting everyone's moods. Everyone knows something is about to happen but they aren't sure what. I tuned into the city and saw that the vibratory frequency of the whole area has almost fallen below the level it needs to be at to stay in God's good graces. Actually, there are many cities in the US that are currently almost below this, but because of just enough righteous people (and a lot of yogis), it hasn't melted down yet. I feel like this is one of the reasons that Mandi felt inspired to plan this retreat there at this time. The east cost needs this. Badly.

However, we still have spaces left to fill for this wonderful and important event and it just feel like not everyone who is supposed to come has registered yet. I have been praying that the right people who will embrace all the teachings and share them, will not only hear about it, but that the money and time and other resources they need will fall into place for them to come.

So if you live anywhere near or far from DC and feel the pull to go, it might be inspiration. I invite you to follow it.

If you feel the inspiration to share the retreat info on FB or with your family, please do. Here is the link:

Many has some special deals for sisters or friends or a group who wants to pay together. But it's in JUST A FEW DAYS, so it is important to act now. Feel free to email either of us with questions at any time.

Oh and here is a tentative retreat schedule in case you are interested.

4-6:00pm           Check-in/Relax time
6:00                     Ice breaker
6:30                     Cooking demo/ Dinner  (Lentils, veggies and jasmine rice)
7:30                     Yoga, Meditation and spiritual discussion on Zion Consciousness
9:30                        Hot tub, or go to bed. Yogi’s choice.


4:00                        Sadhana (optional)
6:00-7:00              Downtime/ Journaling
7:30-9:00             Cooking demo/breakfast  (Green smoothies)
9:30-11:30           Yoga, Meditation, Humanology (Remove doubt, fear, conquer imagined disabilities,
                                  and tune into 1000 Kilowatt awesomeness)
11:30-12:00         Journaling, Mastermind Conversation about creating Zion Consciousness
12:00-1:30           Lunch/cooking demo  (Yummy Salads)
2:00-3:00              Workshop #3 – (Mandi)  Essential Oils for health and emotional healing
3:30-4:30              Tea Time and snacks on the balcony
4:30-5:30              Therapeutic Guided Imagery- Restore the Heart, Meet a Spiritual Guide
5:30-6:30              Yoga, Meditation, Humanology- Theme TBD
6:30-8:00              Cooking demo/ dinner (Thai Red curry quinoa)
8:00                       You and your body:  Body Language, Thoughts about bodies (Mandi)

4:00                        Sadhana (optional)        
6:30-7:30             Breakfast
7:30-9:00            Healing Circle/Meditation
9:00-10:00           Packing, Check out by 10am

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