Tuesday, October 29, 2013

If You Need More Time

Recently I told a friend/student to add in the prosperity meditation to her practice. She told me that they they were good. They didn't need any money. I said it's not about money. Maybe God will pour out time. Time alone with your husband. Time for yourself. I have seen God do this for me in amazing ways.

Of course, it will also help with financial pressure. I gave it to a friend and her income increased by 10x in a very short time. (It started VERY low.) This was the only meditation she did.

There are a number of times I recommend the prosperity meditation to people and I don't know why. But it always works in the way it needs to and has about a million side benefits. Sometimes it brings more knowledge, more joy, more spiritual power.  I recently received a testimonial from someone who started doing it and as soon as she did things started to shift. She found and started walking her life path. Opportunities and also things they needed poured in. One of the side benefits of this was that her children started to recognize that this was a result of their mother's practice. They started to see the hand of God everywhere, but also see the power of a daily practice of meditation.
On a field trip with my daughter. I always seem to have time now to do the things that matter.

Fer real. I almost can't believe it either. 

So if you haven't tried it, you can start with just 3 minutes per day. If you are already meditating, add this in anywhere in your line up after you tune in. If you haven't yet tried Kundalini Meditation, you will need to tune in first and tune out when you are done, so that might max you out at 5 minutes, but if time is your issue, I promise it will be worth it. :)  Here is a link to the video on how to do it. You can find the tune in and tune out videos on the same channel. 

And if you want more than that, I am doing a 6-week Kundalini Yoga series on prosperity (it's online streaming) that starts tomorrow. There is still space, so if you feel it is for you now, sign up here. If not, there will be videos later. The important thing is to start something now.

If you have been doing the prosperity mediation, please leave a comment about how it has been working in your life. 


  1. Felice,
    What is the difference between Hari Hari Hari Har and Har (repeated) used as prosperity meditations? I notice the first has a longer duration time recommended. Could you shed some light on this? Sat Nam. KB

  2. Kristin, There are many different prosperity meditations. The Hari Hari Hari Har one we chanted at the ID retreat was also for prosperity stuff but it was part of a kriya. Hari contains Har. And I now can't find this anywhere, but i once learned that Har Hari Harea were the acronym for GOD. Generating, Organizing, Delivering/Destroying. So Har is the Generating. Hari is the Organizing and Harea (pronounced Haray) is the last one... Don't quote me on it, but that is what I have always known..

  3. Is there a gratitude meditation? I haven't started meditating formally yet but I really want/need to and think that gratitude + prosperity are probably the things I am most in need of right now.
    Also, is there something I can do either with meditation or with hypnotherapy to (gulp, this is embarrassing) help me improve my diet? I always thought I just didn't like vegetables but discovered as an adult that it's actually texture issues that are the problem. Or at least, were the problem. Now it's mostly that the behavior is so deeply ingrained in my psyche that I can almost never get an actual veggie into my mouth (I get them other ways but it is less than ideal) unless one of my kids specifically offers me a bite, and I basically swallow it like a pill. Pathetic, I know. Any advice?

  4. (By the way, the issue mentioned in my previous comment is a major reason why I haven't tried to figure a way to attend one of your meditation retreats. It's the stupidest reason, but it's there. Other issues are money (huge issue), distance/time, and child care (my husband's schedule, even on weekends, is difficult to work out for that, and my daughter has a medical condition that makes if hard if not impossible to leave her with anyone else).)

  5. I have added the prosperity meditation into my daily Sadhana for the last 8 weeks. Looking back, my life has changed drastically since I began. My husband was offered a job in another state that will provide more money as well as potential for growth and greater job satisfaction. His new job has allowed me to quit my job, at least for now, and stay at home with my children, something I have wanted and prayed for, for a long time.

    We are in the process of finding a home, packing our things, and preparing to move. We've gotten rid of so much stuff, which feels so liberating. We've taken our children out of all extracurricular activities for the time being, and perhaps permanently. It feels like we are letting go of the things which were distracting and holding us back, to make room and time for things that are better, like spending more time together as a family.

    The most noticeable change, however, since beginning the prosperity meditation, has been my ability to see God's hand in our lives. My faith is increasing daily and I know he will provide for us as we follow his counsel. Moving our family is certainly a leap of faith because I have never lived outside of the small city where I grew up. We are leaving our extended families, friends and the comforts we have always known. We haven't found a home yet and are moving in only 3 weeks. However, small miracles have already taken place and I know, will continue to take place, as we trust in the Lord. Along with increased faith, I have felt increased gratitude and have been able to see how the Lord has always guided my life and continues to do so. I have the peace and assurance that we are in the Lord's hands and that he will provide for us.

    These are not the changes I was expecting when I began the prosperity meditation. What a blessing it is to be guided and directed daily, by God, whose wisdom, knowledge and love are without limits.