Sunday, October 20, 2013

My Dad Is Rich

My dad owns all this.
A few months ago I wrote a post called Building the Boat. It was about how my Dad is rich, and how I was finally coming to understand and integrate what that actually means. When your dad owns the whole world, you shouldn't have to worry, right?

But I had worried. For decades. If I wasn't worried, then I was in denial, and I would stay there till I had created enough problems that I was worried again. A few years ago I realized that this was probably a form of subconscious sabotage. Not long after that, I ended up in hypnotherapy school. I took the opportunity there to work on some serious prosperity, lack and worth issues, and it was immensely helpful. I learned how to double my income, success and happiness by using a simple 5 min/night tool that I then taught to other people.

But deep down I still kinda worried. And I still kept subconsciously attracting situations that created the ping pong between abundance and lack.

Then one day I felt that God wanted to teach me something about prosperity. I was deep into Kundalini Yoga and Meditation by then, and He started to guide me little by little. 

The first thing He taught me was that money is just symbolic. It's an energy exchange. I felt inspired to let got of some negative exchanges that were costing me too dearly in ways I didn't fully understand till I let them go.
God also showed me that prosperity is not abundance of anything, but rather the right resources at the right time in the highest and best way to help me achieve my destiny and identity.

I recently moved (after 11 years of being very happily rooted). Moving brought up so many first chakra issues (survival, shelter, security, support, etc.) And so I decided that it was time to go deep into these issues and once and for all I was going to let God heal all negativity, past, present and future surrounding prosperity, support, and more.

Here is what I did and what happened: For 90 days I did a meditation for clearing negativity past, present and future (Ganputi Kriya) with that intention. I followed it with a prosperity meditation. I also did some kriyas and scriptural studying around prosperity. (I will be discussing and teaching these in my upcoming class.)

What I learned and integrated on core level is that I am a Goddess on a divine mission and that so long as I let God direct me, I will always have everything I need for myself and "my people." My patriarchal blessing mentions my people a lot.  When I think of prosperity in terms of achieving my destiny and identity (Truth, Goddess), it changes everything. I am no longer thinking about being in the top 1% of earners or being on welfare. The answer is not to be somewhere in the middle either. It is to be on a different page all together--God's economy. 

The saying, "God Will Provide" used to drive me crazy, because it didn't seem to be real in my life. But it is a true statement, if you let Him. It doesn't always look like what you think it will look like. Often, it is different--but in my experience, it is better. I loved Elder Bednar's talk in General Conference on tithing. He expressed many of these same thoughts.

God provides in miraculous ways. One of the ways God provided for me when I moved was by showing me that I didn't need anything and that my stuff was weighing me down physically and energetically. So I sold it all! I can't tell you how liberating that was. And the money I got for things was a side benefit. 

This lightness has allowed us to live in the place he prepared (which is furnished) and to be able to travel around and do retreats, which I didn't realize would be part of my destiny, but now I see it is.

I could go on for days about all the ways God has provided for me. The amazing truth is that since I sold everything and moved here to my promised land, I haven't worried at all. And I'm not worried that I'm not worried. I'm not in denial. 
Not only is my destiny on fast track, but when I allowed it, lots of comforts and joys and things to please they eye and gladden the heart are also provided. I looked around my life the other day and I thought. Wow. My Dad really is rich. Look where I live. Have you seen the view from my front porch? My back porch? Look what I get to do.

I don't feel like I work at all. Maybe a few hours/week.
Playing "Sink or Float" in the pool for home school science fun.

 I get to home school my daughter, which (after 9 months of semi-torture against my will) has finally become an idyllic dream which I will write about another day. I even have time to organize my drawers and sew things. I am feeling totally self-actualized by domestic things like making home made glass cleaner and doing laundry (I have a washer dryer!) And the best part is that my daughter and I have both healed immensely as we have let go of the old life. 

Don't get me wrong, I still drive an old (but adorable) car, I don't have my student loans paid off, and sometimes I get a headache or I get tired. Praise God for all this too, because it must be the best way I can grow even more bountiful, beautiful, blissful.

I want so much for everyone to have this experience and understanding of God and of their own identity. So I am teaching a prosperity series -- 6 weeks of live Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes focused on prosperity, destiny and identity. It will be on Wednesdays this time. If you can't watch live, there will be recordings. I pushed it back a week so it starts next week (October 30) and will carry you through Thanksgiving. To register, please go here now. Sat nam. 

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  1. Can you please post more about money and prosperity? I realized that i have some major money issues preventing me from fulfilling my destiny. Wait... do you have a prosperity meditation class?!