Monday, March 3, 2014


Last weekend I went to Arizona to attend White Tantric Yoga and while I was there I did a special 2 hour Rebirthing workshop and Gong Meditation on the Thursday night before in Mesa. The event sold out. It was awesome. People didn't want to go home after, I think they were all pretty high. For some reason the pictures I took were lost by my technology. This is the only picture that survived. But I have many beautiful mental images. Such lovely women there.

Friday I spent some time with Lani on South Mountain taking pictures for my book and the kids played.

WTY Saturday was totally epic. I have written about it before, but it is basically an 8 hour day of meditation. There are 6-8 meditations (31 or 62 min) with breaks in between. The benefits of this particular style of mediation and the group dynamic are said to give you same benefits as if you meditated in a cave for 10 years. I made Lani come with me this time as a my partner. She said it was kind of like a marathon for yogis. In a way it is. Only I haven't heard of any marathons with those benefits. When I came home that night I was tired, but felt totally pure and cleaned out. I slept better than I ever have and I woke up feeling totally peaceful and grateful for everything and it has lasted.

Wahe Guru.

When I got home I found out that I will be going back to Arizona again soon because I have been asked to present at the Arizona Whole-istic Living Conference April 26, 2014. So if you live in AZ or near there or want to go there in April, check out this awesome conference. I will be presenting a class called Happy Healthy Holy: The Kundalini Yoga Meditation Experience. It will be some learning and some hands on experience.

I will also be playing the gong during the lunch hour if you feel like coming just for the gong nap. Here is the link to get tickets early and save. Sat Nam.

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