Friday, March 21, 2014

Letters From Heaven

About a month ago I was sort of poo-pooing dreams as a lower form of subconscious communication. But then I had this dream.

I dreamed I received a large envelop in the mail. I was filled with  dread because in my life experience, large manila envelopes have always carried bad news. But this envelope was white. I opened it carefully, and inside were large pieces of butcher paper that had been folded in fourths to fit the envelope. They were children's paintings. Like the ones my daughter made in kindergarten. And I had the realization that they were from the children of the parents I had taught to meditate. They were saying thank you. Thank you for teaching our parents to meditate.

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Then, in a strange moment of clarity where I knew that I was dreaming, I realized that these letters were not from this world. They were from the unborn children of the parents I have taught to meditate.

I was filled with their sweetness and gratitude and felt the fullness of what it means to be a spiritual teacher. The joy, the legacy.

And I realized that dreams are still a very valid form of communication.

* * * * * *

I am gathering art for my book, and I would love your children's art. If you have any that resembles chakras, trees, people happy and meditating, or just modern, abstract art, I'd love to consider the for my book. (A high res scan is best.) May your children be blessed through you and may you be blessed through the children here and those to come. Sat Nam.


  1. I'm glad for your conclusion! When I read this, I thought it fitting that a dream involving you was the first in a stream of communications from heaven for me - all coming in dreams/visions-in-the-night.

  2. My baby girl was one of those children. Since she was born I felt that she had been waiting for me to do some work on myself before bringing her into the world. She was born six months ago. She is such a happy girl and since I haven't had postpartum depression I have been free to enjoy and learn from her and her from me. Thank you.