Thursday, June 4, 2015

Mind Blowing Imagery Weekend

What I got to do last week: I got to train and learn from and share mind blowing experiences with all these people. Every time I do an imagery training it's pretty epic in the true sense of that word. This time was no exception. See that blank spot in the picture? It's King David.
Everyone there received major healing or expansion and all now have new lifelong friends. It is difficult to explain what happens in a three day Christ- centered imagery training. Sometimes after three days of it, people get a little drained form all the spiritual awakening. So that's why at the end of day 2 we had a spontaneous laughing induction. Then we had a planned laughing induction on day 3. It works just as well once you get those belly laughs going. 

I snuck this video: 

This is how I sometimes imagine Zion. A big happy slumber party. 

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