Saturday, June 13, 2015

Pay the Debt



Not long ago I blogged about the Beatitude "Blessed are the Merciful." It was all about paying the debt. The idea is that mercy is not just kindness, but implies a capacity to pay the debt. You can't really be merciful unless you have the capacity to pay the debt for someone else, whether that is spiritual, financial, or some other kind of aid.

People ask me what Karma is and if we believe in it. Of course. The law of karma is similar to Einstein's third law of motion: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Basically, if you cause something, you will see the effect. However, the laws of karma are complex and deep and sometimes you don't see the effect right away or you don't understand that the cause may have come from before this lifetime. But nevertheless, every experience we go through is caused by us, and every experience is an opportunity to to pay karmic debts or add to them, or gain karmic profits. For example, when you respond to hate with Love. you gain karmic profit. When you respond to hard times with anger and hatred you further deepen your debt and the imbalance that now needs to be corrected.

Karma is not unkind. She is a teacher. She will keep coming back and giving you opportunities to learn and profit, but you need to take them and pay it off.  It's like the bills that come in the mail every month. You can pay them or ignore them. If you ignore them, there is another one coming right behind it and they start to stack up.

Money is the easiest energy exchange in which we can earn this lesson, but it is sometimes the one we think of as the least spiritual. In fact, it is deeply spiritual. Lately, God has been teaching me about debt. He has been teaching me about prosperity for a long time, and recently he asked me to look into my credit report. I have prided myself on not using credit cards and not making payments on anything. But the truth was, it was because I got into trouble a while back and my credit score was trashed so it wasn't an option for me. Then I got out of the habit.

I had been feeling nagging reminders from the spirit to fix my credit. Finally one day recently in the Hawaii temple, God said, "You need to take care of your debts. They are un-becoming of a person of your caliber."

I seriously thought I had no debts but student loans, but I decided to pay them down and see what I could learn about my credit score. Well.....let's just say that those reports don't forget anything. I found I had a lot of things I had been ignoring for years. Some small, some large. I also started to remember other personal debts I had forgotten about. It was amazing how much energy I had spent keeping those things out of my awareness. For years. When I went through and took care of them all (almost all done) I felt real chains being broken. Soo much energy was freed up, I couldn't believe it.

It was the same feeling I expressed in 2012 when I let go of another energetic exchange (child support) that was doing more harm that good for me. After I let it go, my income doubled. And eventually all my custody problems went away.

What God was showing me about debts, and about money as a form of energy, is that first of all, paying off debts is a commandment. If we don't pay down our debts, then when the time comes, we will be held back from moving forward--both financially and spiritually. This is why our prophets have repeatedly counseled us to get out of debt. It is a tie that binds. We can not enter in at the gate with all our baggage or will all our debts. Our debtors will pull us back on their chains. Even if the financial system as we know it changes and we don't even use money anymore--it won't wipe away our debts energetically. They still have to be paid.

I know that times can be hard. I've been through really hard times that seemed like they would never end. Just surviving was the issue for a while. But I also know that those were the times when I was trying to do it all on my own. When I finally trusted God and his sometimes counter-logical inspiration--that's when things started to get better. In fact, about 6 months after I gave up child support, I had another leap of faith moment when I was inspired to walk away from my hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles and not work for a few months.

I remember that day. I prayed and put everything on the table and said, "God, what do you want me to do?" I opened my scriptures, hookum-style to D&C 111. I read the scripture: "concern not yourself about your debts, for I shall give you power to pay them." That was pretty specific. So I lept.

This was the beginning of huge changes that led to better days, both financially and on the path of destiny.  As I have progressed on that path I have let go of many things and repaired and healed a lot with the Savior's help. Then I am shown a new layer so that I can progress even more. This is just one more of those layers.

If you have debts that seem impossible to pay, just trust in the Lord and follow his counsel on what the first step is. It might be a crazy leap of faith. But energetically, you'll feel so much lighter, and that unexpected lightness will give you more power and capacity, which is how the Savior meets you and helps you pay the debt--all debts (including sleep debts, emotional debts, and deeper karmic debts, but that's for another post.)

I pray for you and bless you in your efforts.

Sat Nam


  1. Thank you for this beautiful post on one of the most mundane aspects of life. All laws are spiritual in nature and I love the point you make here about mercy and paying the debt.

  2. I can't help thinking about income tax "returns"and all the implications involved there.