Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NOT the End of the World - Change the Destiny of The Planet Now

I have been quiet on the blogosphere because I have been on a learning and listening journey. Now I have a LOT to say. Some of it will be in podcasts once Andy and I start up again with Zion Consciousness.

But right now, here is the most important thing I have to say: We are currently at crossroads where we can change the destiny of our entire planet.

What does this mean? It started with a conversation with a yogi friend of mine. We were talking about the prophecies about the Aquarian Age: 50% of people will die.  90% of those left will go crazy. Those of us who are not crazy will have be the light houses to help everyone else. Somehow we eventually get to the 1000 years of peace.

Having 50% of the world die felt very heavy to him. He suggested that there must be another way. And I realized he is right. There is another way! We don't have to go through all the biblical war and plaques and tribulation, we can just skip it and create a Zion society right now.

In fact, the entire message and intention of the Book of Mormon is meant to help us avoid their fate. We are the only generation that we know will not dwindle into apostasy again but will establish Zion. So either way, we are going to get to Zion. As far as the tribulation on the way there, you can chose now if you want that to happen or not. It is all dependent on your consciousness.
Bob Marley understood Zion. I love his song Iron Lion Zion.

What do I mean by a consciousness? I mean we attract what we believe. Our reality is as we perceive it. Quantum physics has proven that what we can imagine is what the universe looks like.

This is why there is still a drought in California. Too many people have bought into the drought consciousness and are not praying for rain. They all talk. whine, strategize about the drought, and yet no one is praying or fasting for rain. They are creating more of what they don't want by focusing on it.  There is power in prayer and fasting and intention. I'll just say it: it rains every time I pray for rain--but only in about a 30-50 mile radius around me. I know I am not the only one with super powers. Most people have them, they just have to activate them with belief and faith. Then remember to use them.

It's the same with with all this end-of-days stuff. There is a huge consciousness among certain groups of Mormons right now who believe that within the next year or two the world as we know it will fall apart--they are anticipating that the financial market will crash, we'll be invaded by Russia, and that all the good Mormons will all flee for safety to tent cities and live on food storage with our self-righteous selves while the rest of the world blows up....

While this could happen.... it could also NOT happen. If you want it to happen just so you can be right and go through a lot of tribulation because you feel you must--then that is what the universe will send you.

However, what is being offered right now is another way.

But what about all the prophecies you ask? How can we change what is prophesied? I'll tell you. A prophesy can be interpreted many different ways, as can scripture. If you think there is only one interpretation of scripture you haven't looked deeper. With prophesies about future events, there is always room for change based on people's agency. For example, the prophesy I mentioned above about the Aquarian Age--it could play out another way and still be fulfilled: 50% of people could kill their carnal natures and be reborn as saints. Then 90 % will go crazy with love for Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The rest of us will be teachers. Nice huh!

How about the people who are saying that Russia is going to invade Seattle? Well did you know that Kundalini Yoga is EXPLODING in Russia. When my teacher does trainings over there, he packs in close to 1000 people. So that prophesy (or dream or whatever) could be fulfilled another way too. Here is how it could go down: Half the Russian yogis will realize that they need to go to American and help spread the joy of Kundalini yoga in America. They will "invade" us with mantra loving destorying of illusions kind of warfare. Seriously. It could go down any way and still be fulfilled.

Last summer I had some very detailed visions about a match that God was preparing for me-- a very good man. The visions were very specific. But just to be sure, I asked God if this was a symbolic vision or a vision that I should interpret literally. I was led to believe that it was literal. However, about 6 months later I realized that in fact, it was symbolic, and there was a different match for me entirely. At first, it was hard for me to change gears when I had been preparing for one thing, but in fact, the new thing was much more orchestrated for my happiness. But even that could change again.

Visions are very real and visceral and often we can think we know the interpretations of them, but sometimes they change--especially if they involve other people--and we need to be open to new visions or new interpretations of them. This includes people who have had near death experiences. These people don't know more than you because the have "died." The fact is, when people have such experiences, they are taken to the places and shown the things that will help them learn the most. And they are usually not enlightened people. Most are flawed and still learning how to interpret visions. In the book Visions of Glory, "Spencer" even says at the end of the book that he later realized that some things he thought were literal were actually symbolic and other things he thought were symbolic were literal. When I read that book God told me:"This is not your vision. Get your own vision."

There are some who will say, "but God inspired me to stock up on food storage." Okay, good for you. If so, then do it, (they have been telling us for years to do it--it's all about obedience) but do it with grace and not with fear. This brings me to the topic I just blogged about. It is about God and You. You and God. Are One.

So if God and You are One, then technically, you told yourself to buy more food storage. Because God meets you where you are at. As you get out of the first and second chakra, God in you will inspire you to do different things. I have had zero inspiration on buying tents and food storage. [I already have a tent and God is teaching me how to one day live without food--like the non-eating saint] My instructions have been all about publishing peace, and teaching LOVE and unity.

So, I am boldly calling everyone to awaken and repent of their silliness (the part about wanting the world to blow up). Don't use your hopes (or fears) of the Second Coming as a retirement plan. Nor is it a good get-out-of-debt strategy. Spend less energy organizing your food storage and spend it healing your first and second chakra survival issues so you can then help others heal. One enlightened whole human being full of love and charity can elevate over 100.000 people just with their presence. It won't take much. It won't be as hard as you may have once believed. Join me...

As my friend Nicole pointed out, sometimes when we are in a place of fear it is impossible to see anything different--but you can always pray for a miracle and ask your perception to be changed. I invite you to join me in this miracle and build Zion here now.

Sat Nam.


  1. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes. AMEN!
    This is what I'm receiving as well. Like, literally within the last two weeks. Love Love LOVE this!

  2. "50% of people could kill their carnal natures and be reborn as saints. Then 90 % will go crazy with love for Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Jesus Christ. The rest of us will be teachers." Yes! This is my vote.

  3. I have done a lot of pondering after reading this post yesterday. Evaluating myself and my attitude and that of those around me. I would like to say that I agree with you. We can change the destiny of this world. Almost every prophecy that I’ve read says this will happen IF the people do not repent. God gives that condition and gives us the opportunity to choose. What do we want? Peace or destruction? A great example is the city of Nineveh. God sent Jonah to call them to repentance and told Jonah that if they didn’t repent, they would be destroyed. Jonah (finally) went and preached to them and the whole city repented. Destruction everted. Souls saved. I agree that this can happen now and that we can have a whole shift in the earth and usher in the Second Coming of Christ without any sort of destruction, chaos, or calamities. Just peace. This should be the goal of every Latter-day Saint. In order to get to this point, we must first start by becoming a Zion Person. Each individual is what is required. Larry Barkdull said “if we do not have becoming Zion-like in mind, the gospel plan has little meaning or power in our lives.” Zion is what we should be focusing on and what Zion is and means.

    This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t have food storage though. We have been commanded by the prophets for many, many years to have food storage. We really don’t know the reason, other than that we have been commanded to do it. As I thought about it last night, it occurred to me that this commandment is just a rung on a ladder (like Jacob’s ladder). As we are climbing the ladder to get to heaven, there are rungs that we must all step on. One of them is obedience. We have been commanded to have food storage. It is a test of obedience. We have also been command to get out of debt. It is a test of obedience. If we aren’t completely obedient, then we are trying to skip that rung and step up to the next one. Skipping a rung can be very dangerous. I agree that we need to be doing all of this with “grace and not with fear”. I think some people take preparation further then they should and can be completely obsessed with it instead of completing it and focusing on their spiritual growth.

    If we look at Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the bottom two sections of the pyramid are food/shelter and safety (first and second chakras). If gathering food storage brings people to this state of feeling safe (which it can do very easily depending on the attitude and focus), then people can focus on the next level, love and belonging. Maybe being obedient with food storage is helping us face the healing that we need in our first and second chakras in a way that the general membership of the church (those that doesn’t understand energy) can accept.

    Your statement “I am boldly calling everyone to awaken and repent of their silliness” though, is very condemning. When someone (myself included) uses “silly” in a sentence, they are just trying to nicely say “stupid”. Calling people silly or stupid for doing what they feel prompted to do is not of Christ. So, I am boldly calling you to repent of your condemnation and criticism of others for doing as they feel directed. I am an advocate with you in strongly and emphatically teaching others about Zion and that there is a better way, but condemning others for how they are doing things is not the correct way to go about it.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and ideas. I appreciate the energy that you put into teaching about Zion and a better world!

    Love, Brother Ben

    1. Sat Nam Brother Ben,

      I do think it is important to be obedient and I was going to add a whole other part about that, but the blog post was getting to long. I'll write a seperate post about getting out of debt. And I'm sorry you read silly as stupid. They are not the same. And I"m calling people to repentance for wanting the city of Ninevah to blow up and not for following their inspiration. I guess this is the problem with words, they fall short. I can see how it does sound judgemental. I have a streak of judgmental in me, especially for people who are judgmental. Ha! you see, they hold a mirror up to me and I don't like it.

  4. My thoughts exactly. I know so many in a tiz trying to prepare for the calamity and I was the one feeling silly saying, "yeah, I'm not getting that. Everything will be fine. You'll see" Haha. I'm so grateful that you can put into words the things I feel. Thank you.