Monday, February 8, 2016

From Sedona to the Uintahs

In January I taught two retreats. A short one-day retreat in Sedona Arizona, and a 4 day Snow Queen Visionquest retreat in the mountains above Park City. Here are some pictures from both amazing and intimate retreats.  There was no official photographer for either of these so these are just snapped by me or other attendees. Many moments could never be captured on film. And some that were captured might not be appropriate to share here. He he. Let's just say it was a break through and a rebirth for all involved. 

The view from right outside.

I call him bliss boy.

Bridge for seasonal stream.

Many faces.

come join us next time! There's room for you right here.

Preparing for a rebirthing. Looks like a big slumber party I know. 

And now for a change of scenery.

Our retreat cabin. it was very retreaty... as in remote.

I decided I like snow ok. Especially when the sun is out. It's so white!

Our view from the cabin

She wanted me to take a before and after picture. This was the before. Her eyes look super wide. I never got the after picture. She was really relaxed and totally a new person.

A few of us  made snow angels in our bathing suits... Then jumped in the hot tub.

In the kitchen

Wolf Moon. We might have howled at it.

Drum making

Making a drum is not just a craft. It is a journey. Remember to breathe.

Buffalo medicine.

Deer medicine.

Horse Medicine.

Alison and I drumming. We used our drums a lot. They were a great tool. 

Drums are medicine for the heart. They help you connect with and back on rythmn. We used them to let go, forgive, manifest, refocus, get into journey and more. 

Walking down the road.

Her last name is Snow. She had to come. 

Alison arrived but had to walk the last half mile. Lots of cars kept getting stuck.

A little yoga...

A little gong. I borrowed this gong so I didn't have to travel with mine. Wahe Guru for more gongs in the world. 

It snowed on the day we left. We were lucky to get off the mountain. But so pretty.

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