Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Will Corporations Survive the Aquarian Age?

Lately I have felt a strange pull. A shift in my attention. Some might call it a career shift. When I got back from Hawaii I thought the biggest shift there could possibly be was this happy and full reclamation of my artist self.  But as I settle into that change and commitment to show up for my inner artist, there has also been a polar opposite inspiration. Perhaps it is the groundwork that first shift has laid that has allowed me to even think about what I have been thinking about lately.... So I'll just spill it. I keep thinking about corporations. About CEOs and directors and managers and people that work for them. In my view, office buildings are the places that creativity goes to die, and the thought of working with or for anything corporate used to make me cringe or wonder if my Prostitute Archetype was in shadow.

But I don't live in a bubble, and many of my students or their spouses are in this world. And I can see that there is an acute need there. Many powerful people are misusing their energy and have lost a sense of purpose in their work.

I was reading from my current favorite book Love Without End the other day and Jesus was talking to Glenda Green about the shift that is going to have to take place... He said all this is 1992-ish so I have paraphrased and changed some of the verbage to reflect the now, but this is basically what he said:

"The structures which dominated man's lives [in the Piscean age] were all created in a state of disconnection and unconsciousness....Within these structures is the seed of continuing oppression. In order to survive, such creations must suppress the soul of man and perpetuate his enslavement to them. However, [now that we have changed the age,] as the time of man's fulfillment arrives, this will have to change. [We are already beginning to witness] the simultaneous collapse and retaliation of that which wishes to survive against the good of man. 

However, this exposure will assist in the elevation of man's consciousness and bring about a new era of brotherhood on earth where structures are re-established from a state of consciousness and connection with Divine Order."

Will there be suffering? she asked. He answered that "Many will feel no suffering except for the compassion extended to those who do experience pain and sorrow... but for those who are attached to the that which much fall--there will be no reprieve from their agony. Even this is a blessing, that lives full of anguish may bleed the venom and thereby have a chance to heal."

And so. I have decided that I need to expand my work to include working with corporations. There are many ways that some corporations are trying to be more conscious and offer more to their employees, such as corporate wellness programs and retreats and stress reduction programs. I'm all for that, and please call me if you want to do a corporate retreat, or need help de-stressing your employees or helping them get along. And I am also open to working directly with CEOs and COOs and Directors of all kinds to coach them in creating a new corporate consciousness that will ensure prosperity and success of their business in the Aquarian Age.

You may remember the way the entire music industry as it once existed crumbled in the early 2000s. That was a result of the change of the age. A similar shake down happened to the publishing industry and it almost collapsed entirely. They both had to scramble to figure out how to work with the changing reality and consciousness of people. Both survived, but in a new form. Other industries, however, have completely dried up and blown away. Whether you want to believe it or not, there are still many more shake downs to come.

I believe that this is an area where I can make a profound difference and I hope to be able to support willing professionals in a seamless transition to greater consciousness. If you feel like you are one of these professionals or you know one who might be open to this, let's talk. You can find my contact info through my hypnotherapy site or just about anywhere. Or leave a comment here. Sat nam.

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