Sunday, February 14, 2016

Growing Up Blogging

Blogging over a period of years, especially when you are on a spiritual journey, is sort of like growing up on television or in the tabloids. Not that I am famous or anything, but I can sort of understand how Drew Barrymore feels. Though I might wince a little bit when I think about awkward phases or bad photos, I doubt I will ever attempt to hide them. Everything has been part of the journey, but none of it defines me. I can reinvent myself every week if I want to. Because I understand the I AM.

Once, the Relief Society in my old ward wanted to "spotlight" me in the newsletter (they chose someone every month at  random) and the lady who interviewed me asked me who I admired. I told her Madonna. She didn't understand. She sorted through her prophets and then remembered that's what the Catholics call Mary. Well no... actually, not the mother of Jesus. Although I admire her too. A lot. At the time, I was talking about the singer. I admire the way she has reinvented herself so many times. And I feel a kinship with her in that we have both been boat rockers. And don't tell me she is not on a spiritual journey. We all are.

Just a few of Madonna's many reinventions
In the past while I may have emphasized certain things, you might notice I am now de-emphasizing some, or emphasizing others. The reason being and this is the biggest learning that I can't emphasize enough, is that we create our lives by what we choose to amplify. (Which is why I am pro-peace and not anti-war.)

In case you are wondering, I am still very devoted in my discipleship to Jesus Christ and his teachings. He is truly a yogi. He is Love and I am Love too because we both dwell in God together. I remember once, a few years ago, I saw yogi friend of mine wearing a t-shirt that said Love is My Religion. At the time I thought it was an anti-religious sentiment that made her wear it. Truth is, I don't know why she was wearing it, but defensiveness at the time led me to believe maybe that was why. Now I see that I can wear that t-shirt and it is true for me too, while I am also a faithful member of an organized religion. The fact is, at the heart of every bonafide world religion is Love. If it has been forgotten, then it is our job to recover it.

None are exempt from the Lord's work. And though we don't always know our calling early, we eventually get nudges. It's now pretty clear that mine is to be a teacher and a bridge builder, and to use words--both written and spoken. It happens to be a big calling, and I have had to expand and consolidate as I grow. I have been through a period of consolidation and now I, and the work, is about to grow again.

I love being a bridge. I love showing people how to bring all truth into one great whole, and how to, when needed, put some issues in the God Box until later, when there is more understanding.

My retreats keep getting better and better. Even I am amazed. I feel very connected to the flow of all creation and guided by Love every moment when I am teaching and holding space at a retreat. 

My old urgency has fallen away. I no longer freak out about time, and about saving the world and hurrying up about it. Everything will get done and will be even more enjoyable if I am relaxed. I now know that only the right thing happens and everything is as it should be. Until it changes, and then it is again, as it should be. Often it changes just by my loving what is. 

I have also found that I am moving a way from certain kinds of healing that focus on what is wrong or on the why? When we ask why did this happen? Or where did I go wrong? etc etc, we are usually asking the wrong questions.  If we ask the wrong questions from an off-rhythm place we will get off-rhythm answers. And sometimes the moments (or hours or longer) we spend asking why, are actually our small window of time to get back on rhythm. The only question I am inviting you to to ask when finding oneself off rhythm is: what's the next most harmonious move? 

With regard to my healing work, I am now moving only toward work that is experiential and positive for the client, like imagery, which continues to blow my mind, and a few other very useful and experiential coaching tools. And in cases where the client needs a healer, I am being guided more to practice and use Sat Nam Rasayan (Healing in the True Name) which is a way of healing through presence and the neutral mind. 

I like the neutral mind. It's the fruit of a deep meditation practice, and it's so powerful it can heal others. 

I have also made the commitment to put down roots back in our home town in California and not travel much, if at all. My daughter needs this. And I do, too.  People can come to me for retreats now. After all, I do live in a fabulous retreat destination.

So I would like to announce my next retreat. In Ojai, California April 28-May 2, 2016. The theme will be Authentic Intimacy. Real intimacy begins with self and then affects all your relationships: with nature, with animals, with other humans and with God. This retreat will be open to men and women and there is room for a few couples. I haven't booked the center yet, so I can't post the prices or the link to register, but if you are interested, save the date and make sure to be on my newsletter list. And subscribe to the blog. I have a few more big announcements I'll be making shortly. 


  1. "What's the next most harmonious move?" will be the topic on my mind for tomorrow's 2.5 hours, I think. Love you, sister!

  2. THIS is what you were trying to teach me. I understand now!