Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love is a Choice

Phoebe and I are in Utah for a few months--a place I never thought I'd be, especially in the winter. We are here because my husband is here, and because we love him. A few weeks ago I asked myself about this. Sometimes, when life is difficult and situations and people are difficult, it is hard to know what we really feel. Do I really love him or am I just moving forward, under motor? Emotions can be deceptive, as I mentioned in my last post. This is when I realized that love is a choice, just like everything. Our agency is all we have to give each other. I choose to love, even when it is difficult, because I know that if I could see things as they really are, as God sees them--that it's worth it. Love over time is the most healing thing. God is love. And because I made vows, not just to Rocky, but to God, I choose to love. Love God, love myself, love Rocky, love Phoebe, and love this winter adventure.


  1. Love is a choice. Perfect and true. Thank you Felice.

  2. and a wonderful adventure it will be .

  3. Oh Felice! I hope you choose to enjoy the winter. I moved to Idaho from CA and was bitter about it for a couple of years. I'm glad you chose love.

    1. Lisa,

      God is love. So really I am choosing God, which is a no lose situation. In the long run at least...

  4. Thank you for this reminder. I believe the more we choose love the deeper it becomes. Love is the first gift we are given and learn to give as children of God, and our spirits resonate with that remembrance. That is why it is so healing. That man is lucky to be loved by you.