Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Meditation Class Now Available

Satan is really mad at me for teaching meditation. If I was him, I would be too--just look at the amazing results/testimonials from people who have taken the 40-day challenge with me. He doesn't like it when people feel happy, creative, powerful, and close to God. No wonder he is trying to turn my life upside down. It's a good thing God knew what was going to happen beforehand and inspired me to record the last webinar, so that even though I can't teach this one live again any time soon, you can still take it. Yay!

We are living in prophetic times. Christ is coming. Satan is real. It is more important than ever before to meditate--no matter how you do it--but I am constantly amazed at just how fast the Kundalini technology works for people, especially those who say they can't meditate. So here is your opportunity.

Even though the class won't be live, I'm going to do several things to give it live-ish feeling. First, everyone who enrolls will begin together, then you'll get the videos and materials emailed to you once/week for 6 weeks. At least once during the course I will have a live Q&A session for anyone who wants to call in and ask questions. Also, everyone who enrolls will also be invited to a private Facebook Group if they choose to join, where they can get support, ask questions, and make friends with other Mormon women all over the world and maybe next door, who have taken this course (you don't have to be a woman, but so far, that's what we've got).

The start date for the course is February 11, 2013. But there are numerous reasons why you shouldn't wait till then to sign up. For one, as soon as you commit to something, the universe moves to support you. I can't explain this, it just is. Also, in the weeks leading up the the course, I'll send you bonus material and things to prepare you. So, to create ugency I am going to price the course super cheap ($40 for the 6 week course) if you sign up now, but the price will go up $20/week until the class starts. And if you sign up after the start date it will go up another $20/week.

So sign up before Feb 1 for only $40. After Feb first it will $60. After Feb 8 it will be $80 , etc.

Sign up today! click here and pay via Paypal. Then you'll get further instructions (at your paypal email).

If you have financial need and a great desire to participate, I have scholarships, but I will only be giving them away BEFORE  February 5 and I have a limited number. Please apply by emailing me about why you qualify.

The live Q&A Session dates will be announced shortly.

Many Blessings! I look forward to meditating with you.

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