Monday, May 6, 2013

Doing Things His Way

While I was away for four months, I didn't work much at all. I saw a few clients and did a few live Q&A sessions for my pre-recorded meditation class. It was a great time to refocus and think about how I want to incorporate all the lessons I have learned as well as my increased spiritual and intuitive powers into my practice.

I have had a private hypnotherapy practice in Los Angeles for almost 3 years. I have seen every kind of client in every kind of capacity you could imagine and some you couldn't. I have loved it. They loved me. I also taught at the college of hypnosis. But now I realize that I am shifting to a more spiritual counseling kind of mode. While I have always been Christ-centered, I decided to change all my marketing materials to reflect that I do Christ-centered hypnotherapy and energy healing. It is Tree of Life Hypnosis after all. I am still open to seeing all types of people, but I just can't be quiet anymore about who is the source of all healing.

One other thing I realized is that I don't need clients. They need me. And while I love to help them, my family comes first. When we picked up and left last December for a few months I started a homeschooling adventure with my daughter. I'll admit I didn't want to home educate. But the inspiration kept coming. Now that we are back, the thought of putting her back in school doesn't feel right. At least not for another year. So that means that using my home office gets more complicated. And I gave up my valley office. I could get it back, but I don't want to. I decided that from now on I will only see clients by phone and Skype. That way, everyone wins. Clients don't have to drive. And I don't have to get on anyone's case about putting away their toys or artistic explosions and leaving the house every time I have clients coming.

Also, I am seriously considering requiring everyone who wants as session with me to complete a 40-day meditation first. Unless it is an emergency, or for a child. I have found that when people start meditating, lots of thier issues go away, and when we do work together, the positive changes are so much faster and more lasting. And even if it is the child who needs healing, often if one or both parents begin meditating, the child magically get's better.

I was contemplating all this at the end of March as we drove to Arizona to visit Lani. Then in gereral conference, one of the talks was about doing things His [Christ's] way. It was a nice second witness.

So since I have been home. Here are just a few of the changes I made: I took all these things off the wall.

And I put up my circle ancestor chart again.

I also have a big stack of books and notes all around that I am not going to show you because it's a mess. But I love that I don't have to put it away in the middle of what I'm working on. Yay.

If you want to know--one of the things I am working on is a series of trainings for people in the traditional mental health care field (talk therapists, social workers, MDs) who are open to learning hypnotic techniques and energy healing and meditation protocols that can help their clients much faster than talk therapy. The reason I feel inspired to do this is because many people who need help can't afford anything unless their insurance pays for it. Only therapists that are licensed by the state are covered by insurance. Insurance doesn't cover hypnotherapy, or intuitive healing unless that person is also licensed and has one of the titles listed above.

I am expensive. I do slide my fee when necessary, but I still cost money. I always say that I am not in this business for the money but I have to make money to stay in business. It's a sad fact. It is also a sad fact that many well intentioned therapists don't actually have the tools to help people through certain kinds of trauma and dysfunction. Some do--hoorray for that. But many don't. So I'm teaching them. And they love it! Therapists are often stressed out too, and they love to relax and learn ways to heal faster. They are some of my best clients. I love them. I don't know more than them, I just know different stuff. We are all learning together.

I have already taught some introductory crash courses on hypnosis and hypnotic techniques here in LA to a group of 45 therapists and I'll be doing some seminars in Utah in June. Or maybe I'll be doing them by Skype. :)

So it looks like I am moving more toward reaching large groups, but I will still do a wee bit of one-on-one healing. I'd miss it too much if I didn't. As my mentor told me, "You were born to do this."


  1. I love your thoughts. I am a life coach and I have been doing Christ-centered healing/therapy for many years. It is the best way--I get out of the way and call on Him to do the healing. Marvelous things happen with Him at the wheel.

  2. Good for you! Sounds like you are being led to do things in a new and better way, not only for you, but for the people you serve.

  3. Oh. My. Word. I love this *so* much. You have no idea. I'm feeling called to get my LCSW, and the only reason why i can see that is so that people can come to me with their insurance paying for it. *However* after studying KYM and having a session with you, i feel like regular talk therapy would just be insufficient for my future clients. I love this so much! Thank you! :-)