Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yoga And Meditation Retreat - Give Away!

If you have heard about the yoga/meditation retreat I am hosting in Cedar City Utah in June and have been wishing you could be there, you can. It's up to you to make it happen, but you CAN come if you choose.

I know this to be true. I will show you  how it is done. I challenge you to do one of the following.

If it is an issue of money, tell God that you really want to go to this retreat because it is more than a get-away but a spiritual rebirthing kind of experience that benefit everyone in your family and many you know. Then ask the Lord to send you the exact dollar amount you need. Then do the prosperity meditation every day for 3-11 minutes, and every time you think about the retreat, say "Thank you for sending me the exact amount of money. Praise to the Lord!" Do this before the money even shows up.

If it is an issue of distance, pray that the Lord will make the distance shorter. There is a passage in the Gospels where Jesus got on the boat and then just a few minutes later was on the other side of the sea. At our house we call it "God Speed." Nothing is impossible for the Lord. Whether it is a traveling companion to join you, or airline miles you didn't expect, or children who sleep the entire drive, He can make it work.

If it is an issue of family--maybe you don't want to leave young children. If this is the case, bring them. There are plenty of things in Cedar City to do that weekend. In fact, I have a whole list here. Your partner or a friend can take the children for a day and nursing babies can be brought in during breaks to nurse. There is an a camping area at the retreat for families, but spaces are filling up and it does cost extra, so please inquire about this soon. There are also many great off site locations where you can stay that are family friendly. Talk it over, and I challenge you to take a family trip!

If it is fear of not knowing anyone/meeting new people:  you might be surprised who you know or who you knew in heaven. We will make sure that you meet people, and if you choose, that you can also have plenty of free time alone.

If it is an issue of camping: you don't have to camp. Campsites are included with the retreat price, but you may choose to stay off site. A list of places is here. However, FYI, even people who aren't really campers will not find Sage Hills challenging. All meals will be catered, so that eliminates mess and no fires are aloud, so there is one other less mess. It will be warm enough but should not be too hot yet. I can't gaurantee the weather. And there are showers and hot tub available. So there you go. You decide.

If it is any other issue, and you are supposed to be there, the Lord will provide a way, or He will pester you until you register. Please meditate on it. (If it is because you don't like yoga and meditation, I am trying not to laugh too hard. You are not the first person who has told me that. :) And it's okay. Just being there may be all you need to do. 

And now, the moment you have all been reading for: I am offering a give-way. For one lucky person, this will be the way they get to the retreat. But actually, I don't believe in luck, I believe in persistence, generosity, and miracles, among other things. I have to be straight with you, this give-away is not a 100% giveaway. However, it is as near to it as a person who really wants to go can get. The giveaway is 60% off the retreat price, as well as a personal healing session with me while at the retreat. $125 value.

The current price to attend the retreat is $287 (this includes all catered meals and campsites), but the price goes up on June 1st to $307, so if money is not the issue, don't wait to see if you have won. Register NOW. If you win, I'll refund you 60% of what you paid, or if you choose to pass it on, I'll give it to the next in line. 

What do you have to do to win? There are several things that will get you entries into the drawing. Here are the things you can do.

  • Go do the Prosperity Meditation for 5 minutes. Don't forget to Tune In first and Tune Out to end.
  • Share this blog post. You can share where ever things are shared. Let me know each place you shared.
  • Follow my blog.
  • Like Progressive Prophetess's FB page
  • Follow my meditation board on Pintrest.
  • Subscribe to the Progressive Prophetess newsletter (and get a free E-book!)
  • Share the newsletter subscribe link or this blog post with friends who you think might like a free e-book on meditation explained for Mormons. You can share on FB, twitter, Tumblr, Pintrest, email, and where ever things are shared. Let me know each place you did. 
  • Share TreeofLifeKundaliniYoga.com,
  • If you have read the e-book, give it a real review at Amazon
  • Send me a picture of you (or your children) meditating (or post to FB page) that you will let me use on my blog/marketing materials.
  • Persuade one friend to come with you to the retreat!
  • Leave a comment about all you have done. Or leave a comment for each thing. Whatever you choose. I can handle lots of comments. :)
This isn't an ordinary give away though. Each thing you do gets you exponentially more entries. For example If you do one thing, you get one entry. If you do 2, you get 4 entries, if you do 3 things you get 9 entries, if you do 5 you get 25 entries. if you do 6 things you get 36 entries. Get it?  Okay.

You have until Wednesday June 5, 2013 at midnight to enter. Winner will be chosen by random number generator (if there really is such a thing as randomness) and announced some time on June 6th on this blog and on my FB page. May the force be with you. Many blessings!

Register NOW!


  1. Felice,

    It's with a heart full of gratitude that I leave you this comment. I'm an LDS male, and over the past several weeks I've been having a spiritual battle within myself between my faith and the metaphysical learning I've been acquiring via books on Neuro Linguistic Programming, hypnotherapy, and my own visualization exercises. I have an extremely strong testimony of the Gospel, but didn't know how to make sense of all the other wonderful knowledge that is out there about meditation, alternative healing, and much more. I know it all works together somehow, but I've been struggling on how to make sense of it all. I have been praying that Heavenly Father would guide me to someone or something, that could help me navigate through my spiritual journey outside of the traditional Mormon teachings, while at the same time keeping my soul anchored to the light and truth of the Gospel. Not to sound cheesy, but I feel like a little boy exploring a new world, but I need the guidance of someone who understands my foundation to help me explore unknown landscapes of metaphysical learning. In reading your blog posts, I believe Heavenly Father lead me to you. I want to connect more deeply to my spiritual and metaphysical side, and after finding your blog I feel at peace that it is possible to stay true to my beliefs, while exploring that side of my spiritual development. Not sure if any of this makes sense, but I wanted to thank you for being an answer to prayer. Thanks again. I look forward to following your blog.


    1. Dear John,

      Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad that God is guiding you on this journey. It's the best ride of my life and I know it will be great for you too.

  2. So, I've been meditating over this give away since you posted it, and truly feel that the person that wins in the one that needs it the most. If that's me, I want to make sure I've done my part!

    So far, I've done the following by going down the list: (1)Prosperity Meditation (which I'll be doing regularly), (2)Shared this blog post on my blog as well as Pinterest and Facebook, (3)I'm now following your blog on my blog, (4)Subscribed to your progressive prophetess under two email accounts (just in case one sees the newsletter as spam...which it shouldn't, but as you can already see from this pattern, I'm a pretty thorough person)
    (5)I've already "liked" your facebook Progressive Prophetess a bit ago and (6)Shared TreeofLifeKundaliniYoga.com on facebook and pinterest.

    I plan on doing more, and if I do win, my family may be putting together an impromptu road trip to visit family in the upcoming weeks towards the end of June! This is kinda out of character for me to be so gung ho on my chances, especially since I'm not a big camper and have a family of 6 to work around, but like I said at the beginning of this comment, whomever wins is suppose to, and I'm having some funwith this recent stage of my journey! Sat Nam. :)

  3. Well, I thought for sure there would be more comments on here since my post yesterday, but I just finished your ebook "Kundalini Yoga Meditation: Explained for Mormons" and wrote a review on Amazon, but it's under my baby brother's name, Brandon Cox. I stated it was Natalie on the review, so hopefully that doesn't get confusing.

    I'm excited to try some of your mantras with my kids (like the "I am Happy" one and the Anger and Negativity one), so if that occurs before the giveaway deadline, don't be surprised to see yet another comment from me stating that I got another bullet checked.

    Can you tell I REALLY want to win this give away?! As I stated at the beginning though, whomever wins is suppose to win, and I'll be totally stoked for them. I just hope it's me. ;)

  4. Hello, I plan to do more, but this is what I've done so far. Like PP on FB. Shared the link to your free e-book on FB. I tried to share Tree of Life Kundalini Yoga, but, there wasn't a share button so I need to do manually ;). I already follow you.

  5. I am so excited for this retreat. You addressed many of my concerns about going. I did the prosperity meditation, shared this blog post on facebook, following your blog, Like Progressive Prophetess's FB page, Subscribed to the Progressive Prophetess newsletter, Share the newsletter subscribe link on FB and by e-mail, like TreeofLifeKundaliniYoga.com of FB (not sure if that counts as a share), working on persuadeing a friend to come with me to the retreat but I'm not sure if I have been successful yet. I could really use the personal healing session.

  6. I, too, am excited for the retreat. I will be happy for whomever wins this giveaway, but I'd like to put my name in. I have done the following to win the give-away. I have followed you on Facebook. I follow your blog and shared it on my Facebook I have already subscribed to your newsletter, I follow you on Pinterest. I shared a link to your Treeoflifekundiliniyogo webpage on my Facebook page I have written a review of your book on Amazon and done the Prosperity Meditation. Looking forward to meeting everyone!

  7. Hello! I have done all of the above today! Except the amazon review. Still trying to figure out how to do it. -I shared the link on my Facebook, - did the meditation and -sent you a picture ;) - I subscribed to the newsletter - and sent it to a friend who I know would love it- I liked your Facebook page. - I am following you on Pinterest - and I shared the website on Facebook. This retreat sounds like an incredible opportunity. I hope and prey I can come and experience this.

  8. Felice, I'm excited for the give-away! I'm following your blog, Like Progressive Prophetess on FB (BTW that testimonial is awesome- You can add my name), shared the link to your e-book, subscribed to the PP newsletter, shared the retreat link. Last of all, you're an incredible teacher and I hope you know what a blessing you are.

  9. Kristin Braun (KristinHBraun@gmail.com)
    I did the prosperity meditation 3 times. I did the tune in and tune out.
    I shared the invitation to the retreat with a friend and her entire family.
    I have shared your blog address with my neighbor and friend, who is a professional yoga instructor at the University of Utah.

  10. I subscribed to your blog. :)

  11. Just shared your blogpost AND blog with 15 contacts per personal email with my own intro and thoughts.

  12. I follow your blog. (have for a number of months now.)

  13. For Registration to win the retreat give away, I have 'liked' your facebook page.

  14. I shared the RETREAT blog post with 15 of my personal email contacts who I thought would be interested. I posted and shared your Tree of Life website on FB. I posted and shared your blog on FB. I subscribed to your newsletter. Also included info about your birthing book to my Midwife. Follow you on pinterest