Friday, May 24, 2013

Weapons of Peace

In the Book of Mormon, there is one passage that my husband swears is an error that was written on the gold plates and then the writer corrected himself. This error, he believes, is only more proof that the Book of Mormon was indeed written on metal plates. It is this passage from Alma 24: 

"And thus we see that they buried their weapons of peace, or they buried the weapons of war, for peace."

It could have been a self corrected error. But even if it is, it has got me thinking about the term weapons of peace and whether there are such things?

I believe there are.

In my experience doing energy work and having it done on me, I have realized that many metaphysical things have a very real impact on the physical world. FYI metaphysical means beyond or outside the physical. For example, a woman and her sister have an argument. A few weeks later one of the women comes to me with a sharp pain in her sternum. I test her or view her intuitively and discover a knife there. It is of course, not made of steel. It is made of energy. It is made of the hate and bitterness one sister threw at the other. The sister did not consciously throw a knife, but Satan turned that energy into a knife. And within minutes of casting it out or energetically removing it, she is no longer in pain.

So it makes sense to me that if Satan can turn negative energy into weapons and other sabotuers, that God has much more powerful energetic weapons of peace. They are made of love, and gratitude, humility and positive intent. Sometimes they look like weapons, like a flaming sword for example--but its purpose is protection.

Several months ago God gave me several gifts. One was a spiritual gift, the others were spiritual tools--or weapons of peace. They are not for me to share publicly, but they basically function by my using my mind or imagination. For example, let's say God gave me a spiritual sword, but I am only to use it with His permission. When the time comes to use it, I basically imagine, cutting the cords or chains or whatever it is He is directing me to do with it.

I know it seems kind of wild, but imagery, when people choose to use it and have faith in it, is how God heals people of cancer with guided imagery, and creates hypno-anesthesia for a mom in labor. It is a combination of imagination and faith. UCLA Medical School has done tons of studies on this with cancer patients. It's kind of amazing.

Recently someone accused me of being a fantasy addict. Yes. I am. However, they said it in an unkind way, and I could tell right away they were really just being a mouthpiece for the devil. The devil doesn't like me, and it's because I know and share that reality is not what we see here. In truth, scientists acknowledge that we see with our eyes less than 1% of reality.

I have been praying for many months now to "see things as they really are." And I have become very visionary. If you could see some of the things I have seen recently, they are nothing like what is being passed for reality around here.

My lovely friend shared this quote with me. It is from Betty Eadie's near death experience book, Embraced by the Light. She learned this in heaven. :)

Gifted people are able to use their imaginations to create new things; both wonderful and terrible. Some people come to this earth with their powers of imagination already well developed, and I saw that some of them misuse that power here. Some people use negative energy to create harmful things--items or words that can destroy. Others use their imaginations in positive ways, to the betterment of those around them. These people truly create joy and are blessed. There is a literal power in the creations of the mind. Thoughts are deeds.

I understood that life is lived most fully in the imagination--that, ironically, imagination is the key to reality.
I will be sharing more on this in the future and how I plan to help you heal the world through imagination. 


  1. again: AWESOME.

    i've experienced "weapons" of peace... using them. i totally agree with both the 'mistake' in the BoM. But i believe it was purposed of the Lord to lead those who might think in this way to such thoughts. i definitely came to this understanding, at least in part, due to that phrase! :)

  2. "ironically, imagination is the key to reality." I love this. I've been learning in the last year just how powerful our "imagination" can be. It's awesome!

  3. I love your view on this tiny little phrase. It caught my attention years ago and taught me a different lesson. Oh, the layers available to us in the scriptures! To me, the distinction between weapons of war and weapons of peace, was the Anti-Nephi-Lehies realizing that weapons/war/bloodshed/violence will NEVER bring peace. Weapons don't bring peace. So they traded. They exchanged their weapons of war FOR peace. It's a powerful nonviolence story to me. Peace comes to us to the degree that we surrender our weapons, that we give up on war and any kind of violence, even verbal.

    It's one of my favorite stories in the Book of Mormon. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh, oh, oh.....I am so glad I have found you. You have expressed here what I have known in my heart ever since I was a tiny girl imagining that I was really a unicorn in my front yard. My imagination is where I try to live daily and I have seen some of the dreamed- up visions of my mind become my reality during the past several years. Bravo to you and your work here. I might have to link this post on my blog: