Friday, May 10, 2013

The E-Book Is Finished

For those who have long awaited my e-book Kundalini Yoga Meditation Explained For Mormons, it is here, in PDF format, free for all my  newsletter subscribers. If you are not a newsletter subscriber, subscribe now. If you are of some other faith or just curious, you are also welcome to enjoy it.

The other day I thought, jokingly that I should write another one called Mormonism Explained For Yogis. Ha!  I thought it was funny. Who knows. It could happen. Right now the thing I realized from writing this introductory e-book is that there was so much more I could have written. I thought it would be a short e-book--maybe 10 pages. It is 25 pages. Full of great information, but also just barely scratching the surface. So I guess I will be writing a longer book next. We shall see.

Please share it with anyone you want. Or use it to explain to others why you chant mantras and love it.

Sat Nam!

1 comment:

  1. So far I am enjoying it. Thank you for putting it together. A friend of mine had just asked about meditation so it was timely that I could share it with her. Thank you!