Sunday, July 7, 2013

I'm Moving to My Promised Land

In February, when I was literally and figuratively wandering in the wilderness, I got a message that God wanted to take me to the promised land. My promised land. The message kept coming. Where is the promised land, I wondered? I have lived in my my neighborhood in Los Angeles for 11 years and loved almost every minute of it and never considered moving. But when I got married I knew there might be somewhere else God wanted to take us. I kept praying to know where it was. I told God I'd go anywhere He wanted me to--yes, even Utah. (Utah has not historically been my favorite place, but I knew if He wanted me there, it would be okay.)

The answer didn't come for a long time, and then we ended up in Utah temporarily when the rug got pulled out from under us, so to speak. While there, I wasn't thinking too much about anything but how to help Rocky. Then I got this message about the promised land.

I was surprised and delighted to find out this "promised land" was a place I had actually dreamed of one day living. It is a small town about 90 minutes north of Los Angeles. It is called Ojai, which means nesting place, and it is known as a spiritual energy vortex. There is something magical about the land and the air and the people attracted there. Even though it is a small town it can support several health food stores and there are organic farms there and tons of orange groves. Perhaps the good vibes are why someone built the famous spa there and why many people visit every year. I was actually born in this magical place, but never went back to visit till adulthood.

When I called friends of friends of friends in the ward there, they told me that they had been praying for some time for young families to move in. That was a nice confirmation that this revelation was not my imagination and was not just going to serve my happiness but others as well.

We have been to visit several times and every time I drive over the hill into the Ojai valley it feels like home. We already have made a few good friends there, too. I am now just looking for a cute house to rent with the right tree for a swing and a treehouse (phoebe's requests) and a hammock (my request) and the right kind of light and air conditioning and a modern kitchen and bath. (Okay there are few dozen more things I have on my list--I like to be specific when I try to manifest things).

Thought you might enjoy seeing some of the kind of graffiti that Ojai has. (yarn)
This tree has also technically been vandalized by a local Ojai vandal. 

Taking a nap under the sweater tree.

People keep asking me if I will open a center there, and I have to admit I have thought about it. But right now, my daughter needs my time, and I would like to get into a quiet routine and spend a good amount of time in a hammock with a book. But don't worry, I will definitely be hosting my next retreat there.

The reason I am posting about this is because I am hoping that by putting out there to the universe what I am looking for, I will manifest the perfect place to live in Ojai and maybe meet a few more contacts/friends. Even though it only has a population of 8,000 people, it seems everyone knows someone there. So if you do, let me know! I can't wait to see where this adventure leads us.


  1. I love the picture of the Pink Moment! Whenever I returned home (to Ojai)from Idaho/Utah, I felt the pull of home going over that hill. I still feel it in my dreams when I'm longing for comfort and home and I haven't visited for 6 years. You and Pheobe will be a blessing for the ward there. When I visited with my "family" in Ojai, they mentioned you and said that they were praying for the ward to grow and for you, too.

  2. Ojai sounds absolutely magical. No coincidence you were born there. When you said on FB any future retreats would be in Ojai, I thought "fat chance I could ever afford to go there." But after reading your description, I think I would move heaven and earth to make it.