Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Mantra Music Give-Away

I'm cleaning out my house and I realize that I don't need any of my CDs anymore because everything is MP3s now (even though CD quality is better-- but that is for another soap box.) So I'm having a giveaway. I don't have many mantra music CDs since I buy most as MP3s now, but I have about 5 or 6 really good ones (about $75+ value) and you can get a chance to win them all by doing any or all of the following that you have not already done. 

  • leaving a comment
  • sharing on FB
  • liking Progressive Prophetess on FB
  • telling your friends about the intro webinar which is awesome and will change their lives
  • publicly following this blog
  • subscribing to my newsletter
  • coming over to help me pack
  • buying some of my furniture and taking it away asap
  • chanting Mool Mantra for at least 11 minutes on my behalf
  • praying for me
  • bringing me homemade food
  • coming to my goodbye party which I haven't planned yet. Leave a comment if you want to come or if you want to plan it. :)
  • babysitting Phoebe
  • sending me an email that makes me laugh out loud that I don't have to respond to. 
  •  inviting me to come stay with you when I go on a world tour
Here are just a couple of of them:

I'll announce the winner August 7th, so check back because if you win and don't email me your address within 36 hours I'll have to give it to the next winner.

I hope you enjoy!


  1. This would be amazing for me and my family. I don't use MP3s all that often (I'm pretty old school with my tech use!), and it would be really helpful to have a stock of CDs to play during the day/night. :)

    I live far away though, so I don't blame you if you don't want to send it to me. Although... I'm willing to pay for postage....

  2. I pray for you and Phoebe every morning! :)

  3. I can't believe there are no comments! Well first of all, I like you personally as well as progressive prophetess. 2nd, I told my friend Sue about your book and blog on Tues. July 30th. I also sent her a link to everything progressive prophetess and Tree of Life Kundalini Yoga. And of course I'm praying for you.

    1. sometimes it takes me a while to approve comments. :)

      Thank you for spreading the word and for your prayers!

  4. I would love one of these for my car! I pray for you and Phoebe, i have shared the info regarding the webnair with a friend. And you are welcome in our home whenever you go on a world tour or just passing through.

  5. If you are happy to post overseas, count me in! My place in Edinburgh is available for your world tour, or even just a holiday. You are welcome anytime :) Also I like Progressive Prophetess on fb and subscribe to your newsletter already. Oh and of course I'm praying for you.

    I just moved house too and massively downsized so I understand the letting go of stuff and all the stress. I feel so much lighter though without so many random things. I had many wonderful sisters from RS watch my children while I sorted my house - I hope you can have the same support too. Sorry I am too far away to be any practical help. Good luck!

  6. I commented, but it never showed up! I'd totally help you move if I lived there

  7. I recently started checking your blog regularly and even almost signed up for the Parenting the Magical Child class, but decided to wait until I can do introductory meditation webinar. I'm excited about this new journey, I know this is the time in my life when I'm ready for it! (on a side note, so sad I missed the retreat in UT while we live here, since we will be moving sometime this fall out of state and possibly pretty far from here...)

    1. Olya, Where are you moving? It looks like I will doing more retreats. I am doing one in the DC area in November! Maybe you can plan one where you are going. :) Just get all your friends there hooked on meditation.

    2. We will most likely be moving to NH/ME, unless something spectacular and affordable pops up in WA. We are going to move sometime in October/November and if I'm not drowning in boxes at the time, I definitely would LOVE to join the retreat :) I subscribed to newsletter a week or two ago, so I'm guessing I'll be getting more details that way?

  8. This would be lovely; I feel sort of lost when it comes to meditation music and whatnot, so a curated collection would be a perfect start:)
    I'm already a FB fan, newsletter subscriber, blog follower and have told lots of friends about your wonderful classes (has my friend Jana signed up yet?) and I've been telling my mom that if (hopefully when!) I move back to Maine I want to fly you out for a retreat; I know there would be TONS of interested people there. And, of course I'd love to come to your goodbye party if we're in town:)

  9. Fantastic! Many of these things I have previously done, sharing and liking on FB, newsletter subescriber, and blog follower. I have recently told a friend about the I would love to come help you pack, hang out the Phoebe, make and bring your food, and come to your goodbye party...but I am too far away to make any of those things happen. I pray for you regularly. I am sending you an e-mail that will hopefully make you laugh, no need to reply. Please come and stay with me on your world tour.