Sunday, November 17, 2013

Project True Love- Phase 2

Today when I was meditating God let me know that I have finished phase 1 of Project True Love. I thought I finished that phase two weeks ago, but He gave me one more thing to do, and today I realized it was done. And I feel great!

That means that I now move for real to phase two. Phase two involves dating lots of men. Not for the purpose of finding true love, but for the purpose of opening up the space, being the feminine energy, seeing the good, and being triggered and provoked to growth in ways that I can't bring about on my own.

I will attempt to explain.

I believe we are put on this earth to develop spiritually, and most of that growth happens through our relationships with our family, friends, boyfriends, spouses, ex spouses and others. We can an only grow so much on our own. Because of my recent transition, most of my current relationships include women, children, and married men (friends or professional). So I look forward to the growth and insight that dating can offer. When future phases come, I'll look forward to a dating just one person. But for now, phase 2, I am sending out a request to all my friends or readers who would be my friend if they knew me. I am looking to be set up with LDS men of any age, any race, and any level of enlightenment, so long as they are male and breathing. (Remember this is not to find true love. It is an exercise is dating. And it should be fun and there is no pressure for a commitment or second date required.)

One thing I should mention is that I prefer to be the feminine energy. That means that I won't ask anyone out, so don't send me anyone's number. He needs to ask me out and pay (oh and did I mention cherish my feelings?.) In return, I promise to be a fun date. I can't promise I won't blog about it. Nor can I promise I will.

BTW, my friend Tamara wrote a great book on dating that inspired me in phase two a few years ago. It's called 31 Dates in 31 Days. It's brilliant. She even mentions me in her acknowledgements. Although I didn't play that big a role in the book. Here are some rules inspired by her:

1. Spend at least 31 minutes together.
2. Must take place in a public place.
3. No kissing.
4. No second dates till Phase 2 is over
5. No meeting my daughter till phase 3.5. So please don't ask.

Oh yes. There is this matter of geography. I live in Ojai. It's a great destination if you are willing to travel or know how to teleport. If so, I would really love lessons.

Sat Nam.

Post Script
I forgot to mention that it is really fun to do PTL with other people and learn and grow from each other's insights. Part of my official PTL program includes hypnotherapy, affirmations, energy work, assignments, accountability, and group discussion. If you want to be part of it let me know in the comments or send me an email so can give you more info. Or you can just follow along in my journey online.  Sat Nam

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