Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Ghosts Are Gone

I live on a unique and beautiful piece of property in Ojai that has been owned by some members of the church for about 4 decades. Everyone in town knows the house. Well, everyone who is Mormon, at least. And almost everyone, if they get you alone, will tell you it is haunted. I first heard about the ghosts from some kids. Then from some respectable adults, some were relatives of the owners and had lived in the house. The landlord has never told me any stories herself, but I have heard about her personal experiences with the ghosts through her daughters-in-law and others. I knew going in that the place might actually have ghosts, but I never got a bad feeling about it, so I moved in.

There were ghosts--11 of them, to be exact, that were permanent residents. Here is the story of how we got them to go.

When I first moved in, I made sure to smudge the house and pray for protection and cast out any devils or wayward spirits. I didn't really notice anything energy wise, so I assumed that they must all be on the other side of the property (the property is sort of divided in 2 segments). The other side of the property did feel different when I walked there. I didn't figure out why till recently. Do you remember when I first moved in and I had an ant invasion that felt like more than a normal heat wave related ant problem. God recently informed me that it was more than that--there were ghosts in here riling up and and marching the pests against me. And when I asked everyone to pray for our house that day, it not only sent the ants away but it also put a shield of warrior angels around the house. Since then, this side of the property has had no ants or ghosts.

The other side of the property (the big house, as we call it) is currently empty, and has been a little mysterious to me. I didn't think about it much till recently when I received the spiritual gift of being able to tune into the land in various places and assess its vibration on a scale of 1000. (1000 being like the temple. Lower than 100 and things start to fall part.)

I realized that the land on that side of the hill was a much lower vibration than this side. And I realized that the Ghosts were attached to the land, not the house. This made sense to me. I always wondered why a good LDS family with tons of priesthood holders couldn't get rid of the ghosts. Perhaps it is because they were just using their tools on the house. I don't know.

The point is, I got the inspiration to walk around the property and chant "Akal." Akal is the Kundalini mantra that is chanted after someone dies to release their spirit. Usually this is done soon after a person has passed.
I have always liked this practice. It has a nice sort of lamenting cry to it, but in a nice way. I never really thought about what it does or how it works though, until last week. This mantra, like other Kundalini Yoga mantras, is a technology, and what this sound current does is open the matrix (that is the best way to explain it).

When people die, the matrix is naturally open for a little while but if they decide not to go to the light, then it closes and they become earthbound--ghosts, essentially.

Some spirits stay because they have addictions and want to fulfill them through other mortals by jumping in their bodies whenever they get the chance--I call these unclean spirits.

Others, often those who die suddenly or brutally, are too shocked to believe they are dead and so don't go to the light. And many Native American spirits don't go to the light because they are afraid that they will become the light and that their own identity will be absorbed and they will cease to be.

I had the feeling that 3 of my ghosts would be willing to go if the matrix was open. So I chanted Akal as I walked around. I felt like I need to walk around, rather than just sit and chant it in that direction because I felt like there was something about me being a covenant keeper and having my foot chakras open that would help heal the land. I kept thinking of one of my favorite scriptures: "how beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of them than publish peace..."

After I did this I called a friend who is intuitive and she verified that 3 had gone. Woohoo!

I wasn't sure what to do after that, but a few days later, the answer came. I got the feeling that 5 of the ghosts might also go to the light if they had more information. The inspiration was to teach them or have them taught the basics of God's plan of salvation/happiness. I was doing a final relaxation after 8 hours of meditation when this revelation came me. So I had plenty of time to think about this. At first I was amused imagining how this would go down.

Me shouting to empty space in courtyard: "All ghosts who would like to learn more, please meet here at 3:00." Then a phone call to the missionaries: "Hi Elders, I have some investigators who would like to Meet me at 3:00 and I'll introduce you."

It was funny until I realized that this is really what God wanted me to do. Then I started to think of all the reasons this was not going to be funny. I started freaking out a little. Then God patiently invited me to "Keep calm and watch. It's happening now."

So I watched, and I understood that I had in fact called some spirit missionaries to come to the courtyard and teach the spirits that were ready to hear them. Again the lesson that imagination is more real than "reality."

I watched and I noticed that not only was my spirit/consciousness there--I was not out of my body, let me be clear, but my consciousness was there--but so was my daughter's. I watched my little girl's spirit/consciousness bear testimony to the little girl ghost about Heavenly Mother, who was a nice mommy an was waiting for her.

It all happened fast and at the end I knew that all 5 were ready to go to the light once they had the opportunity and all I had to do was chant Akal again when I got home, which I promptly did.

The final 3 earthbound spirits were not happy about all this. They were dark and pretty nasty. I knew casting them out would only work for short periods of time and that they would keep coming back any chance they got. So I asked God if there was a way to send them away permanently. The answer I got was that I needed to do a healing meditation for the land itself and raise its vibration to a level where the ghosts would no longer feel comfortable and would have to leave. I decided to this on Saturday, the day I had some friends coming over and make it a healing circle and I also decided to invite angels to join us in the circle. Till then I asked for special protection from the nasty residents over there. I was protected, but lets just say that they weren't happy about the whole thing and were shaking things up a bit over there.

When Saturday came my two friends and I found a patch of grass on the West side of the big house and chanted the Ra Ma Da Sa Sa Say So Hung healing mantra. When we first sat down I could feel they were there and didn't want us there, but they couldn't really do anything about it. We asked that the effective of our blessing meditation to be increased by 1000 times or more and we asked for angels to join us. They did. It was awesome. When we were done, the ghosts were gone and the entire property is now vibing at even higher than the local average, which is pretty high for planet earth right now. I live in a great place.

The next day I went to church and was thinking of the events of the week before and I started to have some doubts. I know how crazy all this sounds to some people and I started to wonder if maybe I was just a crazy person who had gotten all my friends to participate in my delusion. Just as I was having this thought, the speaker read this scripture:

"If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive sin, and will heal their land."  2 Chronicles 7:14

It was a nice second witness.

How to do a Healing Meditation

There are several different healing meditations that use the healing mantra RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG. My favorite is done this way:

Assuming you have already tuned in:

You can sit alone or in a circle if doing a healing circle. Left hand goes to the navel. Right hand is up like you are taking oath. Then as you chant the mantra you progressively push your hand forward until the elbow is straight and the palm is facing down. You can imagine that the person or situation that you are sending healing to lying in front of you. Or if they are present, they an lie in front of you or in the middle of the circle as you do this meditation. After the last syllable of the mantra, inhale and bring the hand back to the starting position and begin again pushing the hand forward and out. A great version of this mantra is on Snatam Kaur's Grace Album.

This mantra is one of the most powerful mantras in Kundailni Yoga. You can read more about it here.

If you have a comment you'd like to share, please do so here and not just FB (both is okay), because then I won't loose them.  Sat Nam.


  1. I love those tender mercies when we're feeling like we're crazy. We are doing a crazy work, aren't we?

  2. I just wanted to thank you for posting this and testify that yes, this is a very powerful meditation. It's long story as to why, but I've been using it and I feel a great power every time. It replenishes the positive energy even in the midst of a very negative environment. Many blessings to you.

  3. Lets say its an ancestor (with bad intentions) following you around would healing your land/house keep them out or would it be different because its a different connection?

    1. Probably not. If there is an ancestor following you around it is prob them that needs healing. Seek inspiration about what they need and how to go about it. If they are dark then you might just have to cast them out and ask for protection against them. The best protection is just to increase your own vibration to be m

  4. If you wanted to do the healing mantra on someone else, do you have to have a certain number of people to join you in a healing circle? Is two ok? It would be a pretty small circle... :)