Monday, June 2, 2014

Adventures in Idaho

I'm in Idaho. This weekend I taught a retreat in Kelly Canyon (near Idaho Falls). About 30 people came, about 1/5 of them were men. Woohoo. About 1/3 of the attendees were totally new to Kundalini Yoga but so open and ready because they have seen their friends and family change and grow and glow. From what I can tell, everyone had a good time and left feeling awesome and purified and made many new friends.

I don't have pictures yet because I was busy the whole time, but as soon as my photographer sends them or someone else sends some I will share them.

Here is just one of many cool things I heard while I was there. One woman told me: "In the last year since beginning this journey our family income has gone up by 10 times." This is so cool because I can see that she and her husband are doing good things with their resources. That's what we need. More awake people with more resources to use consciously. This is an un-veiled plug for my prosperity series.

After the retreat I started to get a headache and so I got a priesthood blessing from two of the men who had been there, a father and son. It was really cool because as soon as they put their hands on my head I felt this energy in my ears like I had to itch them really bad and then it was like something was coming out of them. And my headache went away instantly.

I told them about it afterward and Landon said: "There is a very specific feeling that I have when I am officiating in the priesthood and I always feel it, and I have never felt it any other time except when I meditate."

That is roughly what he said. It was really cool to hear that. I have been trying to find out just how priesthood holders who do it feel about Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, but this was just spontaneously offered and I was so grateful and happy to hear that.

I asked him write it down so I can put it in my book. We need more priesthood holders to meditate! It's powerful and it only increased their purity and intuition and power.

Speaking of my book. I FINALLY heard back from KRI with the review of my book and there are something that I need to edit and change and I haven't read through everything yet but hopefully I can get the corrections done and retake a few photos while I am here and get it moving forward. So now is the time to donate to the gofundme page if you haven't because I am still short about 2000 dollars to get it off the ground.

Now back to the retreat. I was so excited to meet the family of Sister C, who I call my missionary. I met her mom, sister, and aunt. If you don't know about my missionary, read this. Sister C is awesome and I want to share some things she has emailed me, but I will share them in another blog post. She was recently asked by her mission president to teach all the missionaries in their area about meditation! I heard it was awesome. I'll get more details on that to share with you soon.

Phoebe came with me to the retreat and basically ran the kids camp. She has been having so much fun on this trip. She has spent time pretending to be a dog (we put her plate on the floor and give her a water dish), she got to ride a horse, and at kids camp she got so filthy dirty catching grasshoppers and hiking that I think it must mean she had a good time.

Here is the only picture I have thought to take myself this trip. I have been taking many mental pictures but I can't really share those with you right now. If you took pictures this weekend send them to me! Sat Nam

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