Sunday, June 22, 2014

Little Devils Riding the Information Superhighway

Most people these days think that when something they post on the internet "goes viral" that it is a good thing. Yet when your blog or website gets infected with Malware it's a bad thing and no one wants to visit your site because their computer might catch it. (We had that problem on one of my affiliated blogs recently. Some people were panicking).

Well, I am writing to tell you about another level of exposure and responsibility that come with being networked. Maybe you have heard a quintillion times that the internet can be used for good or evil. But maybe you haven't heard that the internet can the actual vehicle. The superhighway. The gate. The door that you open in your house every day. 

  • Have you ever opened an email and instantly felt your energy plummet, even if there was nothing exactly negative in the email? 
  • Have you ever read a friend's FB post and felt like you had been vomited on?
  • Do you feel like your energy is being drained away when you get onto social networking sites?
  • Have you ever read a blog post that made you doubt everything you know and love?
  • Have you ever had a dark/possessed person talk to you on the phone and you had to cast the devil out of your home afterward?
  • Have you every watched a youtube video or movie and then felt an insane urge to be rude or mean to someone?

I had suspected this for more than a year, but I couldn't explain it or put it into words until I had lunch with a friend this week and it all congealed. 

Here it is. Everything is energy. Angels, devils, darkness, light, low vibration and high vibration and it can travel though energetic channels like the internet. Think off all the people you are connected to, and all the people they are connected to who you don't know. Great for job hunting. Not great when you think about energy vampires lurking the shadows of your connections. Ewwww. 

Yes you can get a an energetic weapon thrown at you through an email. You can send a curse through a Facebook post to all of your friends unwittingly. You can open the door to the devil when you open a profile or tune into a podcast or radio show with malintent.  

Of course, lots of light and love and other good things come through these same channels, so I'm not suggesting to throw it all out. In fact, that's why God is inspiring more and more people to put out more good stuff. I am not anti-technology if you haven't figured it out. I teach people all over the world through the internet. But I have been vomited on enough times just by reading a friend's FB status that I don't read anyone's status anymore and I rarely read blogs. It is true that I may be more sensitive and aware than some, but I think that everyone is sensitive. Many people may not attribute the fall in their energy from reading a low vibrating blog post or FB status, but it is taking it's toll and opening the door. 

I learned this the hard way a week or two ago when I realized that I was cursed. Crazy things happened to me all day. I was trying to fly home from Idaho. It took 36 hours or something to get home and my luggage didn't make it home for 3 more days. The day got crazier and crazier. But there was always a miracle at every turn to help us, but at hour 30-something I finally felt like I might break down so I asked for prayers on FB. I should have stopped at that. I usually just ask for prayers. Minimal details. But I shared a few details and in that sharing, the energy of that curse came through. And guess what? All my friends who read that post, opened the door to that energy. My friend at lunch told me that she felt it come through and this is when I put together all that I had suspected. Sorry friends who prayed for me! I have since asked God to take it back. I can talk and write about it now because I am not currently cursed. Whew. (They didn't like the work I did in Idaho.)  

Like I said, I rarely read FB statuses, but I have several FB groups that I am in charge of. One is a support group for meditators who have taken my class. One is a healer mastermind spin off from the first group. At one point, the healing group became so toxic I stopped reading it. It may be different now. But at the time, there were several people in the group who would post several times a day and it was always extremely negative venting, veiled by a request for prayers or healing advice. It is okay to ask for help and prayers from friends, but there is a fine line between asking for help and just vomiting bad energy. 

So this is a loving call to everyone to examine the energy in which they post anything and to examine the energy of the posts they read and how they feel when they read or watch or listen. 

Unfortunately many people with very low vibrations rarely realize that they are the problem. If you are already overloaded by the things of this world, then be compassionate on yourself. Don't try to shield yourself from any more than you have to. Your natural shield can only handle so many things per day, so save it for the things you CAN'T cut out of your life, like people you interact with every day, and eliminate the blows to your energy that you don't have to deal with. Delete the feeds you don't want to see. Delete the friends who you don't really know anyway. Don't read or watch news unless you feel genuinely inspired to. You can also forward this to others either as an explanation or as an invitation for them to delete all things cringe-worthy too.

Even if you know a post is toxic or full of lies, its low vibration, or toxic energy virus can still infect you. It is the same way this really high virbrating things. For example, some Kundalini mantras playing in the house--you may not even know what they mean, but they will still elevate you. Here is one to try. It's called Mul Mantra. It is known as the Ballad of Enlightenment. If you listen to it long enough until you know it and it plays on every cell in your body, it will eliminate depression and negativity. It is amazing and required that you push play. Sat Nam. 


  1. What a wonderful message. I have been going through some of this in my own life. It is liberating.

  2. Felice, What an excellent post. I particularly appreciate the details you posted here… great food for thought!

    Debbie Gibb

  3. This is SO TRUE. Once I was doing some energy work on a friend, and while I was trying to figure out why things weren't working, I had a vision of devils entering her home--and from there, her body--via her computer screen. Pornographic images on a screen act as portals for bad guys to enter our homes. Even if it's just for a minute, even if it's just a little icon on the side of the page you're "really" reading. These tiny screen portals are potent! They are so real!

  4. Felice! Earlier I was at Mandi's house and said to her I had this impression that I should reach out to Felice and see if she just needs to talk. She said how great you are doing with the wonderful work that just happened in Idaho and that you found a lovely place to live etc.. Then she just sent me this and now I realize that I was just reacting to what I felt when you posted that! Wow! So grateful for this clarity. Still here to talk if you were feeling that too:) xoxo

  5. Thank you Felice! I really enjoyed your post today. It raised my vibration by becoming yet another witness to what I feel I am being led to do. Keep up the great work!