Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tied Up in Glendale?

There is someone God wants me to meet. I am not sure why or who this person is but I have known for several months now that we must meet, and the only information I have is that this person is currently "tied up in Glendale."

Upon further meditation it turns out it is not Glendale, California. Hmmm..... I looked it up and there are 35 cities called Glendale in the world. There are also neighborhoods and likely a few gated communities called Glendale. There could also be an SS Glendale sailing around the world. Who knows? Glendale could also be a prison--hence the tied up part. It could also be a corporation or an apartment complex. Or a stock that this person has tied all their money in. I am beginning to laugh at all the possibilities.

I am used to getting information on a need to know basis, but I feel like I am supposed to do something about this, yet I have no idea what. I feel completely at a loss and helpless to solve this mystery.

At long last I realized it is not my mystery to solve. The intention was for someone else to solve it for me or to come find me. So even though it is a long shot, I am putting this out there. If you are "tied up in Glendale," or possibly "Glen Dale" then I would be very happy to hear from you. If you know someone else who is, please pass it on.

Sat Nam

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