Monday, March 16, 2015

5 Great Things For Monday

1. The Writer's Mind: I have been teaching a writing workshop called The Writer's Mind. It just started but has been keeping me thinking about writing other things than blog posts. I love it so much. Writing is my first love. This week I assigned them to write a letter essay, or open letter and some of theirs brought me to tears. Here is an example of an open letter, in case you feel like playing with it.

2. Imagery in Idaho: I am going to be bringing Imagery Training to IDAHO later this spring. Can I get an exclamation mark for that one? !! May 28-30, 2015 is the when. The where is Pocatello. Why? Because I love Idaho and one of my best friends lives in Pocatello and it's an easy drive from Idaho Falls, Rexburg, Salt Lake, and even Boise if you love imagery and have been wanting to do this training.  People who have already done the training and audit it again can do so for half price.

Testimonials? Registration Page? Yes. Here they are. My favorite was from Lani, who said it was 10 billion times more awesome than she expected. Yes, I have known Lani for years. But I also know she is not easily impressed.

3. Fasting: I have been thinking about fasting again. I sort of miss it. I love how close I felt to God at every moment. But I need to take a break from food fasting. I think I want to try a day of silence. I thought of this today when I got mad that Amrjot wasn't listening. So I decided to stop talking and only write notes. It made her pay attention so much more and it made me be thoughtful about my communications. I remember reading that Yogananda used to have a day of silence once/week. It drove some of his people around him a little crazy but it gave him time to catch up on correspondence. I think it would be a real sacrifice and tricky to do some days, but I'm going to do it one day next week. Would you like to join me?  I will still chant mantras during my sadhana, but I'll begin the fast after that. So I will fast speaking out loud from sun up to sun down. I'll report back on it.

4. To Be Revealed (TBR): God has something interesting planned for me that I am not going to reveal yet.

5. Wednesdays with me: I have been teaching a live online class Wednesday mornings in an interactive format which I haven't done for a while except to my mentorship students, and this has been fun. We are currently doing a Beauty Series. Last week I taught the Kriya to Make You Enchantingly Beautiful, then I spontaneously shared yogi recipes that will make you never need cosmetics. It was fun. This week I might teach one to stop aging and grey hair. Or maybe I'll teach one for glowing skin. So many choices. It's fun to see everyone's face and the technology is cooperating better than it used to back in the day when I started online classes. These Wednesday classes are not being recorded. So join live or not at all. I hope to see you this week. All you have to join is click the link on this page and turn on your camera. See you Wednesday!

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