Tuesday, March 17, 2015

When Negative Attraction Happens

I stumbled onto some old notes I took in hypnotherapy school. They mostly say things I have been teaching for years but some are said in different way. Sometimes that is all it takes. Here they are almost exactly as I hand wrote them:

When negative attraction happens 
        it is a revelation of hidden beliefs... 
about our desires, etc.   (metaphysical view point)

You may not yet be a metaphysical match to it [your desire]
Maybe you didn't realize you weren't at one with it. 

I used to be so resistant to this idea that I had any ownership of things that happened to me and through me. Maybe because some really awful things happened. And it was hard to think I could be so sick as to co-create anything like that. It was easier to look at those around me and blame their sickness. 

Yet somehow, through the grace of God, I was able to put aside the new age guilt and strengthen my vibration. Because reading my scriptures and praying and going to the temple once a week weren't cutting it by themselves. I was alive. But barely. So I followed inspiration and added hypnotherapy school and Kundalini Yoga. I did it for the sole reason that it made me feel better. But ultimately, if I hadn't, I would not have survived. When I say Kundalini Yoga and Hypnotherapy saved my life, it is not hyperbole. 

Now I am strong enough to admit that I co-created all the drama of the past. I am also strong enough to bless it and call it good. And I take all the good I am blessed to receive, including opportunities to re-examine what I am at-one-ing with. 

More notes:

all things, from the standpoint of the infinite, 
are all good.  Out of this, only good can come. 
out of adversity comes happiness. 
only the man who declines the challenge suffers. 

There is beauty all around.

I just like this picture. Img source

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