Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Girls With Wings

I started a new podcast with my dear friend Lani. Lani was the co-author of my book The Gift of Giving Life, and she has written a few stories and guest posts for this blog. She is awesome, but for years she was painfully afraid of using her voice. Her writing was powerful, but she was not into public speaking or even talking on the phone. But the last year or two has changed all that and now she is even more awesome! I have sometimes wished that people could listen in on our phone conversations because they are often full of great insights and deep discoveries for both of us. And sometimes they are very silly. Well, I roped her into doing this podcast with me and now you can. It is called Girls With Wings:Getting Carried Away. 

We are calling it that because of the scripture that I love:

 "... and [she] shall mount up in the imagination of [her] thoughts as on eagles' wings."  D&C 124:99. 

Lani and I both have great imaginations. And this podcast is about the many ways one can use your imagination to mount up with wings of eagles.

The subtitle is based on many scriptures in which the ancient prophets, when describing the vision state say they were "carried away in the spirit." Indeed, it is through the imagination that visions often come to us. For example, Nephi, was caught up onto "an exceedingly high mountain," yet his body was at home on his bed (1 Nephi 11). This is the imagery state. The imagery state and the vision state are one and same and Lani and I are both hooked. So this podcast will discuss lots of imagery stuff and we'll also include lots of free imagery journeys and a few silly songs and silly Psalms. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. I am a total believer in this type of meditation for spiritual experiences. I have been adding it to my kundalini meditations and have had unbelievable spiritual experiences that have answered such powerful prayers and literally healed myself in things I needed to forgive and physically healed my sister of a life long struggle. I wouldn't believe it if I hadn't experienced it!! :)