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Generational Healing--Check. Chainbreaking--Done.

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Last week my book came out on Amazon and it was #1 and I had a bad case of Post-Book Depression (PBD). It happened after my last book came out, but this time it was much worse. There was still joy and beauty, but there was also a lot of crying. I felt unstable. It felt like spiritual blow-back times a million. I did everything I knew how to do and called every qualified person to help me. Not much improvement.

I kept up.  

I reminded myself that every 72 hours the body changes. I knew it couldn't last forever. 

On Friday I went to the temple. I got some relief! I came home and meditated. As I was praising the Lord's name I had the sweetest voice tell me that almost all of my generational healing/chainbreaking was now done. And it was largely because of the fast that I did. (A 25 day fast you can read about beginning here.) I was told that the rest would be taken care of the next day at White Tantric Yoga. 

And it was. 

During the first meditation of the day I felt all my thirty trillion cells vibrating and singing and totally unburdened. The thought of de-materializing didn't seem hard at all. So I did. Then came back. And all my ancestors and posterity were celebrating. I was the repairer of the breech, which is one of the blessings of the fast. (Isaiah 58).

I asked a friend to verify if this was true. "How much of my generational healing is done?" I asked her. She muscle tested and looked at me surprised. You're all done. 

Through out the day I thought about this and asked Him more questions and asked Michelle to see if she got the same answers. I am a firm believer in the second witness. 

Here is what I asked

What percentage of this healing was done with kundalini yoga- including my daily practice, teaching, and the 4 White Tantric Yogas I have attended so far?  


What percentage of this healing was done through fasting? 


What percentage was done through energy healing such as theta healing, emotion code, body code, healing codes, Simply Healed, EFT, etc etc and all the other modalities I have used or practice?  

Less than 1%.

Woah. I knew energy healing was way slower than Kundalini Yoga, but it still serves its purpose when some things have to be know and it has helped develop my intuitive powers and connection with God. But if energy healing did less than 1% of my healing (basically God said the amount was a lot less than 1%--almost negligable.) and I know how much work I have done (miles of work)--then there must have been a butt-load of chains to break. BUTT-LOAD. Can I use that word here? I can't think of a better one right now, although the vastness of the ocean comes to mind.

These answers brought up more questions. 

If I had done only energy healing, the fastest kind I know, how long would it have taken to do this work? 

65- 500 years. (Michelle got 65 years. I got 500. But we discussed it and realized it wasn't so much about time as it was about using the body and about participation. The problem with most energy healing is that there is not much participation--from you or ancestors. In the temple and in mediation our ancestors can be there with us and participate, and in these ways and especially with fasting we use our bodies--the thing they need most in order to heal.)

Paul says: I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy,acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service. (Romans 12:1)

 By the way, the verse right after that is in Romans is one of my favorites when talking about the mind body connection:  "Be Ye Transformed by the renewing of your mind...." 

Next I asked: 

What about the temple? Where does that fit in?

The healing you did was emotional healing. The temple is a different kind of healing. Without the temple all the healing would be meaningless. But even though not all your family temple work is done, it will be, and therefore, since time is not linear, it is already done. 

He also told me that my temple status (being endowed with power from on high) had increased the effectiveness of the Kundalini Yoga and the fasting. As I suspected. 

Then I wondered about Imagery and hypnosis. Where does Imagery fit into all this? 

He told me that though imagery can be used for generational healing, the best thing that it has done for me and and for others is to help them feel the love of God without the barriers of Maya. When people feel that, they are not the same. It is a seed of change. They long for it more and recognize it more. Imagery, along with Kundalini Yoga has been a vehicle for enlightenment. It has cut through maya so that I can see the true reality. It has made me visionary and prepared me for the more sure word of prophecy, if you know what I mean. And it is doing the same for others and will do so for you if you use it. 

But lets get back to generational healing....In between asking all these questions I was feeling grateful, blessed, in awe, praising God, and marveling at how good it felt. It was amazing to think about the week before, when there was still just a small percentage of it left and I had no idea how close I was. I had felt like I had regressed a million years yet I was 95% there.

Now it's done, and I can feel it. 

Some of those generational issues defined my life for years without me knowing it--such as anger, frustration, impatience, a deprived mentality, abandonment issues, addictive personality. Through a consistent daily kundalini yoga and meditation practice for only about 3 years (before that it was sporadic) I gained mastery of myself, but I didn't dare miss a day of my anger meditation or I would have anger flares. Over time, these became less intense, but I still struggled. But after fasting for 25 days, I cleared 55% of it! I had no idea till now that this is what I did. If you read my journal entries during my fast you know it wasn't easy. But it was so worth every crazy day! I don't feel the weight of that anger or abandonment anymore. This should tell you the power of fasting for generational healing. Wow! That wasn't even my intention for the fast. My intention was simply, Peace.  

Wahe Guru!

And now, after breaking all those heaving chains, I am feeling as peaceful and amazing as a person who mediates as much as me should feel. Whew! Looks like it is time to move on to a more joyful project, such as preparing for the Highest Yoga. 

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  1. I think "Butt-load" is a perfectly good word to use :-)