Thursday, July 23, 2015

40 Days of Love Lessons - Part 1

I have been keeping this close to my chest. This journey was just for me...and I was grateful for that. I am actually a very private person and there is a lot I don't share. But now God/Soul says it is time to share. The hesitancy I have with sharing my Love Lessons is that Love is such a loaded word and it can be nearly impossible to talk about it without it being convoluted by everyone's own contorted filter. But I have promised to do my best. I share this not out of any desire for anything except to help a few people have a more pure experience and understanding of Love.

At the beginning of the year, I was trying to choose my word for the year and when I thought Love, God/Soul said "No, Peace." Peace kept coming up, and so that was my word. For months I thought about and was intentional about Peace.

Peace, I learned, is a pre-requisite for Love. One cannot truly Love, whatever you think it means, without first being at Peace within. Ironically, my journey toward Peace led me through some flaming fires, mostly internal fires, specifically on my 25-day fast, which had the sole, simple intention of Peace. That fast had some unexpected results. Peace being a much larger thing that I had thought at first. If you haven't read about it that you might just have to as a pre-requesite to these posts. But it's up to you. Look up the fasting posts. I'm to lazy to link right now.

Basically at the end of it, I was told that all of my generational healing and chain breaking was done.

What I didn't write about at that time was what happened next. It was during the first meditation of the day at White Tantric Yoga in Los Angeles. March 31. My unborn daughter (who I have known for about 6 years now and whom we will call Sarah), appeared in front of me and told me "Now that all the generational healing is done, it's time to learn about Love--because everything you have ever learned or thought about Love is convoluted or wrong." She reminded me that there are many voices out there saying "Love is...." but that in this, as with all things, I needed to use the Spirit and my discernment. Is this true? Is this Truth? One thing I realized is that for most of my life, pity had been mixed up with Love. Explains a few of my relationships...

She then gave me a transmission..... which is not something I can describe in words, but she put into my body a seed of Love so pure and profound that I couldn't mistake that something was being beamed into me.

There was another Angel with her, who I recognized as Mary Magdeline. I realized that both she and Mary Magdeline were very high loving souls. Mary was one of the most Love-filled souls to ever walk on this planet, so it is no wonder she walked it with Jesus, for whom she was a great support and vibrational match.

They told me that for the next 40 days I would receive many angelic visitors and other messengers who would teach me about Love.

This was the beginning of an epic six weeks that has changed everything. This is where my story begins.

I'll try to condense all the goodness and magic and learning that I can share into just a few posts in the next week or two when I can post them. Till then, Peace and Sat Nam.


  1. Love this! I am excited to read on!

  2. What a wonderful start to your journey! I am happy for you and excited to learn about your experiences.