Sunday, July 5, 2015

Kombucha Poison

Did you know Kombucha is one of the worst things a yogi can drink? Yet yogis and other healthy people all over the world are touting its probiotic benefits. As a kundalini yogi and a Mormon I live a life style that is alcohol and caffeine and drug free.

Kombucha is made by taking black tea and sugar and then adding mushrooms which then eat the black tea and sugar and poop out alcohol. When it was first released on the market it had to be pulled because the alcohol content was too high. Lately somehow they have gotten around it and most people believe it has none or only trace amounts. The truth is it is an alcohol base.

I watch in amusement as my yogi friends go to Kombucha bars, and when I read large signs outside restaurants that say "Kombucha on Tap."

I see people carry jugs of it like moonshine. An alcoholic will feel the buzz right away but the marketing on this "medicinal drink" has been very aggressive and no one wants to admit that it might not be so good for them. 

In chineese medicine there is a saying that all medicine is part poison. So if you are not sick you shouldn't take medicine.  

Yoga and meditation is super healing and purifying and expands your aura. If you then go and drink some alcohol, it immediately shuts it down. And depending on your constitution it could take days, weeks, months or even a year to get the damage out of your aura. To me it's not worth it. This may also be the reason why some people are not seeing the results that they want with thier practice--because things in thier lifestyle are slowing or counteracting all thier progress. 

You don't HAVE to do all the yogic lifestyle things to progress on the path to enlightenment. But if you don't try some of them, you won't know if that is the one thing that makes a big difference for you. Such as eating a plant based diet, or growing your hair, or cutting out alcohol or other harmful substances. These are experiments that won't harm anyone. And they might make a huge difference. 

If you are looking for probiotics there are lots of better options that don't have an alcohol base. Such as Kifir or yogurt. 

Sat nam. Forgive errors please. This was written on the road to New Mexico. 


  1. Kefir has alcohol in it too

    1. So does a bananna. It's not about that. It's about the base. And it's about what it does to the aura. I"m just saying.

  2. Ya lost me on this one, haha. I'm no avid kombucha drinker, but as someone who's dealt with severe intestinal issues at times (I.e. Crohn's) I very much agree it is a medicine, and have successfully used it as such. But since a very large part of the population has damaged guts (as evidenced by food allergies, auto-immune disorders, IBS, colitis) due to overuse of antibiotics, GMO's, and MMR vaccines destroying gut flora, I'd say it's safe to say a lot of people *could need it.
    Plus, the probiotics in it are very different from those in milk kefir (the probiotics in yogurt are negligible; not even close to milk kefir).
    It's true the base is acidic, much like alcohol (probably closer to vinegar) but any alcohol is really, honestly negligible in a short ferment. I've read it's similar to the amounts natural ocurring in ripe fruit.
    Some things to consider. :)
    Sat Nam.

  3. I don't not know what you know. I only know what I know and what I have seen in the aura. And I have seen some miraculous healings of people's guts through faith and fasting.

  4. I energetically test very strong for komboucha, it expands my aura and raises my vibration. I am an energy healer. People are very specific in their needs, so I think putting everyone in the same category of it being poison is not accurate.

    1. Great for you. No categories. Just putting it out there to confront people.

  5. There are many substances that people want to believe are good for them that really aren't and are in fact a distraction from true physical and spiritual health. That truth does exist. I am very interested in fermented foods but have always had an aversion to kombucha and felt like I should not try it. I am LDS too so that may be part of it but since then I've heard teachers of gut healing classes as well as naturopaths say that they frown on it too. I think kombucha is definitely something to beware of.

  6. Are you referring to black tea as the base? Mormons commonly make it with the herbal rooibos tea to avoid issues with black tea :) (I've done so myself.) I wonder if that would make a difference.

    I've started making kombucha a couple times and then let it go, and I occasionally buy commercial kombucha (which is surely made from black tea) and then never drink it. Perhaps there is a reason I don't seem to get into the habit of drinking it!

  7. Why do you think that Ayahuasca and Iboga are becoming so popular? Is it possible that the things you mentioned in this article, food, growing the hair, cutting out alcohol, abstinence, etc, are the things that limit people from the Kundalini awakening that would transform their lives? I'm reading about people using Ayahuasca to treat PTSD, and Depression, and Addictions, and all manner of mental health issues, but can KYM as taught by Yogi Bhajan or Kriya Yoga as taught by Paramahansa Yogananda really do the same thing? What are the 8 limbs of yoga? How do we practice all of them?