Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Love Lessons Part 4 - The Heartbeat of God

I stood in a meadow looking at the vast sky, where a giant eagle was making his way toward me. He had a note in his talons. He dropped it into my hands and then landed, waited for me to read it.

The note told me where we were going today.  It was not a walking journey, so we both extended our eagle wings and flew. We flew beyond the sky and around the moon.

On the back side of the moon, I was surprised to find the city of Enoch. The eagle knew which house we were going to. It was the home of a woman named Mary. When I saw her brown hair and oval face I knew I knew her before. And she knows my Sarah. They are good friends. She also knows Mary Magdeline--is named after her.

She put her head on my chest and began listening to my heartbeat. She left her head there for a long time. So long in fact that I began to wonder if time had stopped. If I had gotten stuck in a journey that would go no further. I turned to the eagle and asked what to do next. He said, just be in this moment. Let her listen to your heart beat. It will last as long as it needs to. It's not always important to be moving to the next thing.

So she listened and I held still and I learned from her that if God is Love and God and the Word are inseparable, then Listening is important. Because what is the power of God, Love, or the Word if there is no ear to listen.

She let me know all this just by putting her ear to my chest. I also learned from her that I am not hopeless or unlearned about Love. But that this is what I came here to do. That I was destined to be a great Lover. A high loving soul.

She said to take time every day to listen to my own heartbeat. And to listen as I chant mantras, as I speak, as I think. Listen as I write. Listen.

I thought then of Jesus Christ at the Last Supper. John tells us that "The disciple Jesus loved was reclining next to Jesus ... He leaned back on Jesus' breast." (John 13:23,25) Most people think John is referring to himself when he talks about the disciple Jesus loved, but Hugh Nibley makes a great case for it actually being Mary Magdeline, even though the text refers the disciple as a he. Either way, it is precious to think about and put one's ear to the heart of God.

Then every citizen in the city of Enoch came and kissed me, to show their support of me. It happened in just several moments, like a flash of wings.

Then the eagle departed and Mary Magdeline and Sarah both came and brought me to a healing pool, dipped me in it, and made me promise to freewrite every day and get to know Love more through writing and listening.