Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Where do you find the time?

"A morning or evening practice of meditation and Kundalini Yoga is the only thing I know that generates time. Time is the most common complaint I hear. Where is the time to do something good for myself? Where is the time to meditate? The answer is meditation gives you time back in multiples of what you put in to it. How? We waste a tremendous amount of time by losing our focus on what is really important. Meditation hones that focus. We also make mistakes because our mind drifts and becomes unconscious with daydreams and unintentional thoughts. Meditation clears the subconscious and helps you keep your clarity. It lets you be present to what you are doing. We also lose time because we do not see resources and opportunities that are already present. We narrow our view under stress and pressure. Meditation integrates the broad lens of the mind with the narrow focus of action. So there are many ways that time is saved as you go through your day alert, energized and victorious." - The Mind: It's Projections and Multiple Facets, by Yogi Bhajan PhD

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