Friday, July 18, 2014

Imagery Improvements!

This week I was scheduled to teach people how to facilitate Therapeutic Imagery on people this week, in Ojai. 5 days of "trance-formation." But a few weeks before I noticed that all the people who were supposed to be here were having a lot of interference. I started praying for them. For me. I started wondering if I was supposed to cancel it or postpone it. Then finally, a week before, I decided to postpone it, because most of the people who I KNEW were supposed to be here (you know who you are), weren't able to get things worked out. And those who had already paid were flexible. So I decided to postpone it! Even though when I planned it, it felt like the right time and place, it suddenly no longer was. 

As soon as I cancelled it, I felt a relief and like a did the right thing. Then I started having HUGE downloads. I'm talking HUGE. Like super huge mysteries of God unfolding and blowing my mind. Some of it has to do with my astrology/astronomy journey, but also about the use of imagery to facilitate God's work. Then I realized that the whole training needs to be a little different and include some of these downloads. 

I realized that the Lake of Despair of the previous month was Satan trying to keep me from this big uplevel. 

Back to imagery training. There was one person who had already signed up and bought tickets who decided that she was going to come anyway and work one on one with me. I love that she just came anyway. Apparently, for her, it was the right time and place. But she was the only one. So we did just that. It was a lot like a private retreat/intensive breakthrough session. We stopped occasionally to eat berry pie or juicy nectarines. And I realized that I should do more private retreats/breakthrough weekends. Now that I have a vacation rental right behind my house. It would work out nicely.

But back to imagery training. I have decided to break the training up into a foundations weekend course and then teach other modules later. Hopefully some of these can be taught online, but the Foundation Course has to be taught in person. I will be teaching it in Park City, Utah on September 11-13, 2014. (Yes my ban on going to Utah has apparently ended. It just feels like the right place this time.) 

It is a central location to lots of people coming from all over and it is super quiet and cheaper to stay there in the summer than in Provo or Ogden or Salt Lake. Also, since the class will be shorter, the price is now half of what it was. 

For those who aren't sure what this is all about and just want one day of "trance-formation," I made an option for just coming for one day only. But only people who do the whole foundations weekend can do the advanced modules later when I offer them. 

I already have a few people registered from before. There is room for more, but room is limited, and I will not take last minute registrations for this class because there is so much to prepare. So make sure you register early before spaces fill up or before registration closes. 

Come frolic in Park City

Here is the Link to Register and all the hotel information. (The room rate is ridiculously great for anyone who mentions my training. I'm thinking of inviting my friend to come up and stay and just play with me after the training and go in the sauna. BTW a sauna and then a cold shower afterward will add years to your life.)  

I will attempt to organize and post some of my downloads here as inspiration permits. Wohoo!


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