Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Six Percent Return

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Yogi Bhajan always said that it makes more sense to pray for others because you also get six percent back. If you pray for yourself it may or may not work, but if you pray for others, you get the return. It doesn't really matter if your prayer for them is answered or not. Because let's be honest, we don't really know what to pray for. I could pray for my 4'8" female friend to become an NBA basketball star. This is probably not what she wants and it is not likely to happen for her. But if the prayer is sincere, I get 6% back on each prayer.

Knowing this, I have no qualms asking people to pray for me on the occasions I need it. Sometimes I need it for long periods, such as when I was working on my book. Thank you to everyone for those months of prayers! I am currently working on getting the final stuff done for the book and I could use a few this week and next.

I also take my list of people that I say I'm praying for seriously. I started to forget people when the list gets long and I am tired before bed or half asleep in the morning. So I have started a list on my phone and sometimes I open it when I am praying. I got this idea from a friend. She is very organized. I always ask her for prayers when I need them.

A year and a half ago when I was in my dark night of the soul and I relied so much on the prayers of others and barely had anything to give in return, I would just pray and thank God so sincerely for the prayers of others. Then I asked that their prayers on our behalf would come back to them 100 fold. I am not sure about the math on that one. But I was incredibly supported through that time.

I had an interesting experience recently where I was having a problem and I couldn't pray it away but when I asked a friend to pray for me, it went away as soon as she prayed. And it stayed away the whole day. Then the next day I had to ask her again because my own prayers weren't really working in that area. Interesting. I will write more about it sometime, but I think it was mostly to get me to write this blog post.

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